Friday, July 1, 2011

The only way is up

What a difference a day makes. I'd like to think yesterday was the dip on the roller-coaster and that with my considered decision and improved frame of mind, it's back on the way up. I realised something fairly obvious after my 'returning to work freak out'. Apart from leaving Felix, I have been increasingly concerned about leaving Angus. Due to proximity of work to preschool, travel times and peak hour, the hours he spends there would increase significantly. Not to mention the added stress on me, with rushing to and fro. So as my Dad used to say when I was feeling sorry for myself, "don't curse the darkness, light a candle" (such a Dad)... and that is what I did.

After much in depth thought, I decided something had to give in the schedule on the days I will be working. So instead of sweating on it a moment longer, I sent one email and surprisingly received the response I was after. A position for Angus in the preschool room, at the same centre Felix will be going to, is available... why didn't I think of asking sooner? With that, my solemn state lifted substantially. Like a little ray of sunshine, this seemingly small factor brightened my outlook on the situation. I can now rest easier knowing I am taking my boys to the same place and picking them up from the same place, which is a few short minutes away from my building. It's amazing how a simple rejig can make the world of difference to a worried Mama's mind. I'll still be emotional of course, but I have lessened the impact of the change. 

There were no tears at preschool drop off this morning, which only added to my new found buoyant mood. Felix and I enjoyed our second last Friday together, with a spot of shopping and chilling out around home. I will miss our days alone incredibly, but feel so fortunate to have had the last 6 months of Thursday's and Friday's with it just being us. I shall carry these memories with me forever. My word, it has been fleeting.


  1. Woo hoo!
    Great move, Mama.
    That will make a world of difference to your work days.

  2. Julie I have just read your last two posts and your emotions really come through in your words. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it would be to have to return to work but the fact that your boys will be in the same place will make such a difference and hopefully give you peace of mind.


  3. Glad to hear you are on the up! Light a candle is such a dad thing to say but sometimes they have good advice ;)xx

  4. Oh yay - fabulous news. So glad things are working out so much better.

  5. It is always hard to transition from SAHM to WM but you will conquer this. You made a great decision with this move and things will get better and better. Be kind to yourself x

  6. Oh, Julie! I am so pleased for you. What a tremendous weight off your mind. Best of luck with all the changes. I've found that the pixies have been far more resilient with change than we ever expected so your boys might just surprise you, too. J x

  7. I am glad that it worked out for you. I know it eases your mind.
    I agree with you about time fleeting. It does go by too fast.


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