Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hazy shade of Winter

July. Cold, miserable, uninspiring... July. Days are greyer. Nights longer. And no matter how hard I try to avoid the inevitable lurgie of Winter, it always catches up with me, in July. I spent much of today lounge bound. Body aches, heavy head, throat like a cactus has lodged itself in it. On the upside, it was nice to be at home all day, with my 3 boys. Doing nothing in particular, having nowhere to be. I threw dinner together in the slow cooker first thing this morning, just so I didn't have to think about it again for the rest of the day. The slow cooker has been receiving a huge workout of late. It's worth it's weight in gold.

Poor Angus is battling a chesty cough too, as per usual it seems to gain momentum in the evenings. I can tell he isn't quite himself, as he is highly emotional and gets cranky at the drop of a hat. I was completely floored when in a moment of frustration, he let the 'F' word fly at Felix. He has never intentionally used a swear word in context before. I could not believe what I was hearing. Whilst I did see the amusing side, there is no way I let on to Angus I was thinking like this. Instead both Scott and I explained it is unacceptable to use such a word and quickly moved on. Felt sort of hypocritical, given that I do swear myself. I think this is the wakeup call I needed to curb my outbursts of colourful language going forward. If for no other reason than to avoid being a total hypocrite. 

So I'm pretty much over Winter right now. I'm longing for August. The tail end of Winter. The promise of longer days. Warm winds. The first buds of Spring on the plants and trees. Everything is just a little bit easier to handle when it's not raining, gloomy and freezing. Roll on Spring, roll on.

Roses we gave Mama/Nana for her birthday... gorgeous colour!


  1. Oh Julie, I hope you're feeling better soon. Spring will be here before you know it. gxoxoxo

  2. Hi Julie..the flowers are a wonderful colour, I bet she loved them! Sorry to hear that you aren't well..especially after battling through your first two days of work and having the boys so unsettled at the moment..not what you need at all. I hope things are calmer and better this week!

  3. I agree ... hurry up Spring!!
    Hope you are all feeling so much better soon x

  4. I would so love to send you a little bit of the heatwave we are having at the moment. Would it make you feel better?

    Thoses roses are gorgeous!! The color reminds me of the mardi gras that I am growing in my backyard.


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