Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beach Santa

Another busy weekend down. We caught up with lovely friends yesterday, to do the present thing for the kidlets. Oh my, Christmas is ALL about the little ones these days. Their expressions, their reactions, their pure, unadulterated joy. Love it.

Today, the weather was picture perfect and the festive spirit alive and well down on Bondi Beach. And much to the boy's delight, Santa made an appearance, delivering handfuls of lollies in his path. Seeing hordes of children chasing down and trailing behind the sand mobile carrying a rather fit looking (lifeguard) Santa, was just priceless. It's Summer, it's Christmas, good times.  

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today was a scorcher. The kind of searing heat where even the sun is too scared to show it's face. So under cloudy skies, we went down to the water. I didn't overly want to beach it either. It meant shaving my legs and applying thick layers of sun screen to squirmy boys... not to mention having to do my own back, why don't humans have slightly longer arms for things like evenly applying sunscreen to their backs!? Clearly I have too much time to think about such things at the moment. If only I did have a little extra time right now. For someone who really loves shopping, I am really over shopping, in a big way. It's reached a nauseating stage for me, with the crowds, the queues, the money being spent. Ahh, I'm looking forward to not having to worry about any of it once Christmas comes and goes.

But I did enjoy watching my crazy duo, bounding around like a couple of puppies on the sand. Jumping in rock pool puddles and karate kicking at waves. They have an endless energy that would make me a very rich woman, if only I could bottle it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Slow Motion

I've always said it, that the more I have to do, the longer I take to get it all done. This week has been no exception. Mostly, I felt as though everything was moving very quickly around me... but I, was in slow motion. My own little coping mechanism, at this crazy time of year. We attended Angus' end of year concert at preschool and it was absolutely adorable. Brought tears to my eyes, that's for certain. Something about watching a class of four year olds sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight, just got to me.

We celebrated the fifth birthday of a very special young man, with a lovely pool party and lots of fun and laughter. Today, we hit the beach, as the temperature soared... and enjoyed a tasty, greasy, lunch of fish and chips, in a cabana overlooking the ocean. And I have continued to receive THE most gorgeous photos from friends and customers, with their precious babes sporting Button Tots creations. Easily the best part about this small business of mine. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Blogoversary Giveaway Winners

As I commented over on my facebook page today, I love running a giveaway. And whilst I like receiving lots of entries, because it means there is enthusiasm for the prize I'm giving away... I also don't like seeing people miss out. So it was extremely difficult to only pick two winners out of forty six entries. 
Then, when it came to plucking two names out of the bowl for the giveaway here at Mama of 2 boys, I found it tough again. I would love to give a prize to everyone who left a lovely comment on my giveaway post, but alas, two winners it is.

And I'm thrilled to reveal those winners are:

Ladies, when you're ready please send me the details of your choices for a Button Tots Singlet AND Button Tots T-Shirt. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Whatta Week!

Another bumper week down... and I'm scratching my head with where the days went. 
*Having the car serviced used to be a big old chore. Not anymore. Felix and I were treated to a delicious breakfast while we waited, courtesy of the dealership. I thoroughly enjoyed the few concentrated hours we spent together, no distractions, just him and I. 
*Finally, I managed to unpack the gift I received when purchasing our oven and cooktop for the new kitchen. The mother of all cake mixers. Oh my, I was a little excited with each fancy attachment I pulled out of that big box. I have never owned anything other than a twenty dollar hand beater from Coles. The mind boggles at all the scrumptious things I could produce. Now, to find the time to bake again.

*There is just something with kids and boxes. They seem to go hand in hand. The boys spent a good chunk of the day yesterday, playing in and out of a few cardboard boxes. One of those beautifully cruisey days around the house, the kind that make me feel extremely grateful for the life we have here in our humble home. 
*We celebrated the eleventh birthday of our young niece and the boys delighted in running themselves ragged all day with their cousins. 
*And it was Mama's gone wild on Saturday night. My lovely mother's group, celebrated Christmas and the year that was... a big one for each of us, in our own ways. Dinner, drinking and dancing at a very hip establishment in the city. From being thrown together almost five years ago, as first time Mama's, to now... eleven children between us, we all feel truly blessed with the special friendship we share. 

The rise of the photo bomber... no one is safe... does make me chuckle though. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mama of 2 boys turns Two! + a little Giveaway

I used to be a fairly active blogger. Loved writing here, loved reading over at all my favourite spaces... and of course, still do. But for a few months now, I've found it increasingly difficult to keep up to date with this lovely passtime, much to my own disappointment. There are a number of reasons why, though I can honestly say they all tend to fall under the heading of... "Life". So it's no surprise that I managed to let Mama of 2 boys two year anniversary (in November), slip right by me. And only last week, when I realised December was almost upon me, did I remember this milestone for my humble little contribution to cyberspace here.

Whilst I am too disorganised to put together one of my traditional giveaway packs this time, I did want to offer up a small something as a very big Thank You to the lovely followers/readers who provide me with such friendly, wonderful, support and advice through comments and emails, so very often. And here it is:

Two packs from my Button Tots range, consisting of one Singlet and one T-Shirt in each pack.
The choice of design, size, boy/girl mix, is entirely up to the winners... it can either be selected from the existing range, or made as a custom order.

To be in the running, simply be a follower at Mama of 2 boys and leave a comment on this post. Winners will be announced here on Monday 10th December. Open to Australian residents only (sorry!)
Please feel free to peruse the range of Button Tots designs over on Facebook or at Madeit (smaller selection on Madeit).

The latest brand new additions to the range.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Magic of Christmas

It doesn't take much to make me lose sight of the joy that is this time of year. I have been known to stress about everything from decorating the house, to the number of names on my gift list, to what I'm going to cook for Christmas lunch, to the overall expense of things, to the increased traffic on the roads, traffic in the shops... and so on and so on. And if I am being completely honest, the last few years, I've just struggled through the motions of the lead up to December twenty five. It's a little sad to admit actually.

But this week, has seen some incredible moments, which have kicked the season off beautifully. One of my very best friends in the world gave birth to her second child, a boy... a beautiful boy... named Toby. On Friday evening, I visited them both in the hospital... and it was just the loveliest way to spend a couple of hours. I left feeling totally intoxicated on that precious newborn glow... and I was a teeny bit excited to gift a collection of my Button Tots creations for the little sweetheart. Last night, was Scott's work Christmas party. The first one in fourteen years, I attended as a guest... because the previous thirteen, I was an employee at the company. But nothing has changed I'm pleased to say. Still lots of laughter, still lots of drinking, still lots of dancing and still a fabulous night out with friends.
Then today, the ornaments came out, the tree was dressed and this evening, the lights switched on. And the magic of Christmas is alive and well in this little home.