Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Four years on, I still struggle when it comes time for immunisation injections. I've never liked the idea of taking a perfectly happy child and jabbing them with a needle. Seems a bit cruel to me. I recognise there are completely plausible reasons for it and understand I'd be crazy not to protect my boys. But I doubt I'll ever be comfortable with the process. This time around was a touch more emotional than previous injections. Four year old and eighteen month old immunisations. Together. Ouch!

I worked myself into such a lather leading up to the appointment, I felt sick. I know the anticipation is often worse than the reality. But that knowledge never seems to help me, when I'm in the middle of a situation. Scott has been in Melbourne for the last few days, the rain has been tumbling down relentlessly and then, the good old needles. Gradually turning the screws a little tighter on my overall sense of being. Angus went first, one shot in each arm. He took the first one well, the second he attempted to dodge and then cried like a banshee. Felix was set off long before Angus even had his needle. Writhing and bucking to get to me... because of course I was holding Angus. Different to his brother, Felix let out one loud yelp following his needle and was over it. Such a tough guy.

What a day. The mornings events rendered us all a bit dysfunctional for the rest of the day. Good timing with the weather not permitting any kind of outdoor activity anyway. Come back sunshine, so that the little fellows can be in the fresh air and warmth. And we can all enjoy some semblance of Summer. 

The boys doubling on Felix's little tricycle... in sunnier times (on the weekend actually)


  1. Evil but need those needles...doesnt make it easy or fun for anyone !

  2. Awww.
    In a way, the 4 year ones seem the cruelest - because they know what's coming by that age.
    I hop tomorrow is a much brighter day for you - in every respect.
    :-) x

  3. Don't you wish you could get it for them?

    Oh good luck with the follow they get any reactions? I found mine always happened a good week after the jab...that't the part that I dont like!x

  4. I hate them too. I got my hubby to take my son for this 4 yr old injections, I just couldn't bear to see it!

  5. Go tough guy Felix.
    We have often ended up with two people's needles on the same day, always a challenge. You deserved some quiet time J!
    Cute photo!

  6. Oh it never gets any easier does it. Poor little guys, all for the greater good I guess. Hugs. xx

  7. Ah, the needles. Horrible, aren't they? But so necessary. A bit like swimming lessons, which were an absolute trial for my two for the first few lessons and then all was well. Some forms of legalised torture are just necessary.

  8. Oh Julie... they are just awful aren't they. Hope the boys (and you!) are ok. xx

  9. Immunizations were the toughest part of raising children. I hated the multiple of shots they would receive and the ache they felt afterwards. But I would rather a day of pain then the illness that would befall on them if I didn't get them vaccinated. Just a few more than you won't have to worry about it. Good luck!

  10. It doesn't get any easier and I have always hated inflicting that pain on our children but it's a necessary evil, though I do have friends who would argue that who haven't immunised.
    Hope you are all doing better today and that you have a little sunshine to go out and play in.

    p.s: received my cookbook and absolutely love the recipes in it...can't wait to cook up a storm.


  11. Not fun for the mums. I dreaded all of Amelie's and was surprised that she didnt cry for any of them - not sure we will continue to be so lucky with the 4year old ones.

    Hope everyone is feeling much better now, especially mum ;) xo

  12. I agree the 4 yr old ones are the worst and I will have to do 2 kids at once as the twins are due for theirs this year :-(

  13. yuchhhh I hate vaccination time. I amsuch a wus and usually send my hubby with them. The four year old ones are the worst as they know what is going on and take longer to forget it. Glad it is all over for you now. I agree - BRING BACK THE SUNSHINE!!! :) xx


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