Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It's nice to have a weekend away. Even if they are a little tiring. We headed up to the mid north coast to stay at our favourite short break location. They had a great Winter deal on the bungalows we've stayed in before and it's fast becoming a family tradition for us to stay there. We all seriously needed the change of pace and scenery. The dreadful weather in Sydney delayed us leaving on time on Saturday morning and the usual 2.5 hour drive took us about 5 hours. Realising 40 minutes in that I could not for the life of me remember if I had switched the heater off, then having to turn back to go home and check, largely blew out the travel time. And of course, I HAD switched the heater off anyway. Felt like a right fool, I did.

The last leg into Nelson Bay gave us torrential rain and flash flood conditions. We're no stranger to the wild weather in that area. Most times we holiday there, it rains for at least part of the stay. It just wouldn't be the same if it didn't. By Sunday morning though, we were graced with a far different picture. Crisp, crystal clear skies and gorgeous sunshine. We took the entire day in our stride. Leisurely meandering from point to point. Enjoying the time together as a family. Well, mainly enjoying the time. I did comment to Scott on a few occasions, that I think we best wait a couple of years before attempting any holidays of length. As much as we love getting away and as fun as it is sharing precious memories together, the boys need their routine. Being away from the home base is hard work. 3 days and 2 nights is quite enough, before everything starts to turn pear shaped.

After last night's effort of sleeping on a single mattress with Felix, because he was a little congested, therefore restless and crying out every 10 or so minutes, I'm glad to be home tonight. Back to our chaotic form of routine. Back to our basic, healthy meals. Back to the variety of toys on hand... and my Macbook kind of toy. And back to our warm, cushiony, comfortable beds. Home. sweet. home.

Fingal Bay


  1. We love heading up to Port Stephens, thankfully the journey is a bit shorter for us! Fingal Bay is great but we have found Shoal Bay to be perfect for wee ones, shallow water, no waves to wash him away and enough sand to play on. Makes for a really peaceful afternoon.
    As for longer holidays, we have the same feelings!
    Sandra x

  2. gorgeous! so nice to have a mini break, and the weather looks beautiful! but i know what you mean, it is always good to come home! glad you had a nice time. xx

  3. Beautiful shots (and boys).
    Welcome home!

  4. Gorgeous shots - looks like a wonderful break - even if it was a whole lot of effort! Glad you got some nice weather. My hubby was in Sydney for work Friday/Saturday and he said it was colder and wetter there than here in Auckland!!!

    We've been away on quite long breaks before and I always find the first 3-5 days are the hardest while you make a routine in the new place - then all settles down. When we went to South Africa the first couple of days was AWFUL - jetlagged parents, grumpy kids - I wondered what I had thought in coming - but they came right and were fine for the remainder of the month we were there! So maybe you just need to go for longer ;-)

  5. You're right Julie... it's fun to be away but it's so great to be home again! Gorgeous blue skies there, a welcome break from all the Sydney rain I'm sure! gxo

  6. Gorgeous photos!! It looks so cold, my kids don't even own jackets! lol

    I agree, it's wonderful to get away but there's no place like home. :)

  7. I couldn't agree more much as I love to get away...I love coming home!
    Gorgeous pics.

  8. I adore your pics. Rugged up little boys enjoying the beach...lovely! Mini holidays are wonderful to break up the daily grind. I always appreciate home so much more when we pull in the driveway...not to mention your own bed.


  9. How nice to have the beach all to yourself! Beautiful day :)

  10. I've heard lovely things about Nelsons Bay. Great shots of the boys enjoying the beach. Nothing beats your own bed does it? Xx


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