Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Appreciating Home

We've hardly left the house this week. Aside from a super quick trip to fill up the car with petrol and pick up groceries, we have been home bound. And I haven't really minded, everything we've needed has been right here. Angus and I have been fighting whatever god forsaken virus we've had and our place feels warmly inviting at the moment. Due to Felix's hoard of birthday gifts, there are plenty of new toys and activities to busy the boys. All new distractions. We had a day and a half of gorgeous sunshine. Chilly. But it cast such splendid light.

It was wishful thinking to expect it to last. Early yesterday afternoon, the darkness rolled in, a frosty wind kicked up and my washing whipped around on the clothes line. So much of my time lately, involves hanging washing out, then getting it back off the line a couple of hours later, while it's still damp and icy. Then moving it to various piles in the lounge room. Wet. Wetter. Wettest. Then strategically dangling it over our 6 dining chairs. Right in front of the heater. Close to the heater. And in the general vicinity of the heater. I eventually work them up the line to poll position in front of the heater. Fold the dry ones. Then the process starts again. It really is as relentless and boring as it sounds. Though it has sharpened my production line skills.

Angus and I snuck in a little outdoor time though. Blowing bubbles, freezing our little fingers off and for Angus, playing hide and seek under bed sheets on the clothes line. Just as I recalled I used to as a child. Except we had the great Aussie hills hoist and always far more sheets hanging out to dry. Though I think we have quite enough washing in this household for now. So another Winter's afternoon sets in. Another day at home. 


  1. This weather is atrocious! I have my house filled with wet washing too.

    It's nice to spend time at home, though, isn't it?

    Lovely pics. x

  2. Oh Julie, I'm hearing you about the laundry. I've got mine strung up in front of both the pot belly and fireplace. I live in laundry!! It's been super cold here too so we've been staying indoors...... watching old Shirley Temple movies and making stuff. Thankyou for your comment too sweets. My Haidee is such a cheeky beaky. Take care xxx

  3. I like the days at home. wedensday is always 'home day' for us and my kids look forward to it. And i totally get the washing game, i am playing it constantly!! enjoy the rest of the week. xx

  4. Hi Julie..loving those back yard images. I got my washing dry on Monday..on the line, in between the rain days and the cold southwesterly wind days, so I'm happy. These days I only do one or two loads a week so I'm laughing, a far cry from the one or two or more loads a day I used to have!

  5. I'm so sorry you're still sick. But days at home are fabulous. You get to get to enjoy the little things, which aren't little really.

  6. I love the pictures. So wish I could sit in your yard and enjoy the crisp air. Until I freeze my tush, I'll rush inside and have a cup of tea.

  7. Hi gorgeous
    Sorry to hear you're not well :( there is so much going around at the moment isn't there. The week before surgery Cooper got an ear infection and Blake came home from kindy with slap cheek and I ended up getting a head cold myself. Bring on Spring I say. I hope you're all better soon xxx

  8. I never really tire of weather like this...I love being cooped up inside, rugged up to the nine's. But it's a good thing we have different seasons, cause staying indoors would soon lose it's appeal.



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