Thursday, July 7, 2011

Party Animal

All the talk of Felix's birthday celebrations, resulted in a couple of weeks of party fever around here. With Angus enthusiastically leading the charge. It appears he is at the right age for being 'in the mood' to party, at any time of day. There has been chatter around guest lists, themes, food and decorations. Reflections on his own 3rd birthday party in the park and the balloon twister who came along to entertain him and his friends. The boy has a memory like an elephant.

The other night, whilst I was tidying the kitchen after dinner, an excitable Angus came bounding in. He beckoned me to follow him to the lounge room, where an apparent 'party' awaited. The guests included Felix, myself and Angus. Daddy was also invited, once he arrived home from work. I could swear I'd seen the sight that met my eyes somewhere before. Maybe because it bore an uncanny resemblance to Angus' famous towers that pop up all over the place. Though this time, there was less order to the compilation... but then I guess, it was a party.

Precariously jumbled, between two lounges, was a conglomeration of toys... evidently partying very hard. I'm still not quite sure how this constitutes a party, but I appreciate his imagination and love his perception of one. The beauty of his party... he happily agreed to tidy it all up afterwards. And he followed through with that promise. Collecting every single toy. Doesn't hurt to learn the responsibility that comes with throwing a party. Even from an early age... there is always a clean up.


  1. Hee hee.
    Yep, there is ALWAYS a clean up!!

  2. So true! No matter how good the party, there is always a clean up.

    How thoughtful for him to his family to his first party!! What a sweetie!!

  3. I love a party ... I hate the clean up.
    But what a cutie!!

  4. aww sweet! Planning Mr Small's birthday is underway and he wants a "spider party in a jail." He's going to be 4. This doesn't bode well for the future does it?


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