Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Term Two

Our first taste of school holidays flew by in the blink of an eye. Much like the first term of school did. A very busy couple of weeks, cruising at the bike park, visiting the Australian Museum, play dates with school friends, hitting up the Farmer's market, attending our first movie together as a family. It was fun and adventurous and lazy, at times. Exactly how the holidays are meant to be, in my humble opinion. Angus was keen to sort out just which of his experiences might be the most exciting to share with the class, for his first week of news in term two. "I'm going to talk about footy, Mum... and the try I scored". But of course! I didn't get a shot of that though, did I? My lovely boy, bless his little footy socks. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fits Best

Things have been decidedly helter skelter around here of late. There has been lots of solo parenting, with Scott travelling for work every week, for the last three weeks. Add to that, all the school holiday fun and it's been go go go! But there was one extra special day last week, when I was able to throw on a nice dress, slap on a dash of makeup and have a long, uninterrupted lunch, with a bunch of lovely ladies... at a rather swanky venue.

When I received the invite to attend lunch and view the new Jeanswest Maternity wear range, I was somewhat flattered and very excited. During both of my pregnancies I found maternity wear extremely tricky to navigate. Between the clothes that just didn't fit right and the exorbitant cost of the clothes that did suit my pregnant shape, it was all a bit overwhelming. I ended up with a mish mash of a maternity wardrobe. I only wish this gorgeous range had been around back then, would have been perfect. But for anyone reading this who is currently pregnant, a little look-see at the Jeanswest maternity wear range might be well worthwhile. Reasonably priced, great variety and beautiful colours and designs... and from all reports, super comfy too. 

Thank you to Anna and the girls at Jeanswest for a wonderful afternoon, I can't remember the last time I was treated to a fancy sit down lunch, sans kiddies. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Harmony & Team Work

The world as viewed through the innocent eyes of a child never ceases to amaze me. As the horrific images from Boston streamed into our lounge room this morning, I fought back tears. My two lovely boys sat playing in another room. I would like to shield them from the knowledge of such devastating acts for as long as I can, because honestly, they'll unfortunately learn the terrible facts soon enough. But unknowingly, Angus chose a rather apt morning to reflect on his recent Harmony Day experience at school. He asked when his class will be able to celebrate it again... because it was fun... and he loved it... and he wanted to understand why Harmony Day just couldn't be every day. My sentiments exactly, sweet child.

Despite my reluctance... and irrational fears... my big boy is playing footy. I think it took approximately three minutes after he entered the world before Scott imagined our boy charging down the field, ball in hand. But for Mama, it's taken a little longer. Like, five years longer. And I felt edgy and nervous and unsure of the decision to let him start this year... until I saw the look on his wee face as the jersey went on and the shorts tied up and the socks got taped and the mouthguard went in. Like watching a tiny piece of him grow up before my very eyes. Then observing him interact with his team mates and listen intently to his coach at training and try harder each week than the one before. And I realised. For now, this sport is actually good for him... even great for him. If he's happy, I'm happy. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Colourful Characters

Things have turned a little 'pear' shaped around here of late. Specifically... my figure. It all came to a head last weekend when I put on my favourite jeans... and they barely did up. It was muffin top city and it was embarrassing. Those poor pants had been working overtime for a good couple of months... and I knew it. I blame Easter and it's temptations, for pushing me over the edge. Hot cross buns smothered in margarine were a lunchtime staple every day for a few weeks there. I blame my love of chocolate and lollies and ice-cream and chips and savoury biscuits and sweet biscuits and pastries and Coca-Cola. Because I do eat all of that rubbish and then some. I blame my lack of will power to not eat said foods. And my good intentions to run regularly, at the crack of dawn... they've fallen in a heap too. Because it's dark and cold and really early... and dark... and I get kinda scared running on my own. So now, I'm taking advantage of the time immediately after school drop off. Making sure I'm dressed in exercise gear when I leave the house and ready to hit the pavement, stroller out in front and one foot in front of the other. I'm going to shift this extra flab, one fat cell at a time. 

These two can be quite the handful to take anywhere at the moment. Between incessant bickering with each other and volatile mood swings directed at me, it's a nerve-wracking business going out in public. But over the Easter weekend, we all went along to the Family Show. And it was quite honestly, three and a half hours of harmonious enjoyment. They looked out for one another, laughed together, waited in lines patiently alongside of each other... and loved unconditionally. They even made Scott and I forget the fact we were just there to traipse around behind them and stand in the hot sun waiting for hours on end. It's amazing the kind of power our colourful little characters hold over us. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

March... Really?!

Last night I rolled into bed with the clock still in the eleven's. I can't remember the last time I was in bed in the eleven's. If I'm being completely honest I can't remember the last time I saw the twelve's on the clock either. It seems these days, being an adult... and an adult Mama... and an adult Mama who is trying to build an online business... leaves little opportunity for a long, restful night's sleep. But I will not complain for a second, as I am doing exactly what I want to be doing and all good things require effort and take time and energy. And this weekend, I threw a great night out with the girl's into the mix... which meant by Sunday evening, could hardly keep my peepers open.

But I really miss blogging. Blogging here, visiting the beautiful blogs of so many others and simply having the extra hour or so to blog hop and find brand new gems. I miss keeping a regular record of my boy's little milestones, funny incidents and special memories. It's all there, in my head, just doesn't quite make it to the page. All I know is that the weeks are flying. Angus loves school and learning and making friends and playing sport and running around like a wild boy after school with mates. Felix is a spirited combination of testing and utterly delightful. Our routine is fairly well locked down now and we manage a couple of nice play dates each week with lovely friends. As for me, I have never felt busier. Aside from the usual cooking, cleaning and chasing the boys around, I am running three mornings a week... early, real early... which makes for some incredible sunrise viewings in the park. And of course, sewing for Button Tots. All in a day's work! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where I Stand

My weekdays are spent with the most loveable companion. The time we share together has me wondering just how I will cope when both my boys are in school. And to be honest, I don't like exercising those thoughts a great deal. There are parts of this motherhood journey that get me down. They push me to the brink and challenge me to within an inch of my sanity. But I would not trade this privileged role I have, for anything. This is precisely where I'm meant to be right now and being here feels so good. 

Excursion to the sea side, Thursday morning, last week. Bliss. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Little Ol' Green Eyes

We are already into week three of big school... and it's like we've always been doing this. Angus' enthusiasm and confidence will surely wane at some point, but for now we're running with it and he's having a top time. All that structure, routine and recognition. Just the kind of stuff he loves. Things such as library, sport, merit certificates and making new friends, have definitely been the highlights to now. Felix and I are enjoying ourselves too. We're constantly busy, between cleaning, cooking, washing, shopping, sewing, socialising and running to and from school. Six hours seems like two and the days are flying by.

Angus brought home a lovely photo of himself and his assigned year four buddy. Because it is the sweetest photo, I placed it on the fridge. Makes me smile each time I look at it. Felix, on the other hand, not so much. I have overheard him muttering at it... "Angus, school, NnnnnnnO!" And on more than a few occasions I've caught him hitting the fridge where the photo sits. Though it took the strategic positioning of one of those magnets, right over Nicholas' face, to confirm it... Felix doesn't want to share his brother, with anyone. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Loving what I do

After sixteen years, I am finally starting to understand the old saying, 'if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life'. Right now, I love what I do. This year I had an offer to return to the workforce. To the company I worked at for thirteen years. And I considered it, seriously. Actually sent myself a little crazy, attempting to make it all happen. In the end, I just couldn't. So I chose to be home, with my boys, for another year. To be available for lending a hand at the school. To enjoy my baby, before he goes off to preschool next year. I'm also taking the opportunity to invest some time and throw my energy behind my online business, Button Tots.

The thing about starting an online business and working at it from home, is that any spare moment I get, I want to devote to improving it, enhancing it, growing it. So it's busy, around here. Though I wouldn't change it for a second. I delight in creating new looks and designs, working with colours and prints, patterns and of course, my beloved buttons. Because I sew every Singlet, every Onesie and every T-Shirt completely by hand, it is time consuming. But also very relaxing, almost therapeutic. I can whip up as many as eight in a night. All once the boys are tucked up in bed and the house is quiet. Then, there are the finished products. Seeing clothing I designed and made, on gorgeous small people, has to be the greatest reward of all. Yep, love what I do. 

And the photo shoots are always a mixed bag of fun too. This week I experienced both ends of the spectrum, shooting my friend's beautiful girl... and my own rowdy fellows. Olivia certainly has the girly, strike a pose thing down pat. She is just lovely. Felix is a giggling, squirming, barrel of monkeys. I don't think any of them care much for modelling my tees, but I so appreciate that they humour me. 
If you haven't already visited the Button Tots Facebook page and you're interested in seeing some more, I'd love it if you have a moment to pop over and check it out here. I do get a kick out of running the odd giveaway over there too. Thank you lovely ones.