Friday, July 29, 2011

Neopolitan Dreams

At the moment I'm having another one of my flashbacks to childhood and rediscovering the delicious joy that is neopolitan icecream. My Dad used to buy the old No Frills 5 litre tub. It was HUGE. And back then, none of us kids cared in the slightest that it was No Frills. Because it tasted goooood. I used to request a big scoop of strawberry, a big scoop of chocolate and a teeny scoop of vanilla. Funny how times change, as these days vanilla is probably more my preferred flavour out of the three. Hot summer nights, sitting in front of the tele, feasting on a bowl of neopolitan. Happy, lasting memories.

We are big icecream fans in this house. Though it's primarily Scott and I who do the scoffing and it's always once the boys are tucked up in bed. I am still quite staunch on my rule of limited sweets for Angus, and Felix is yet to try icecream. My thoughts are that if they enjoy yoghurt instead and think of it as a treat, then they're not missing out. Angus does have a scoop of icecream on occasions though and when he does, he loves it.

This icecream has had such an influence on me that every time I see anything decked out in brown, pink and white, I instantly think dessert. Those sweet, creamy colours I have adored so very much, for so many years. I know it won't be long before we're battling two little big men for our share of the Neopolitan dream. Maybe I'll keep up the yoghurt charade just a little bit longer.


  1. Oh yes, I am a die hard ice cream fan!! These days we make our own and it is soooo good :)
    As a child, my parents always brought a ten litre carton...there were 8 of us so it didn't last long...funny how so many of our childhood memories are tied up in food.


  2. Reminds me of my Dad too.
    I would NOT touch the strawberry though!
    It's funny - in this cold, cold country there is ice cream everywhere.

  3. a simple treat to not only bring a sweet taste to your pallet it also provides some with sweet memories :)


  4. Ohhhhh! Than you so much for a little trip down memory lane!

    In our house, strawberry was always left, and I'm still yet to develop a love for it.

    Maybe that's why I married my all-things-strawberry-loving husband, who balances out our neopolitan dilemma :)

    God help us when Max gets into ice-cream.

    Like you though, I'm all for avoiding unnecessary introductions to sugar. Let them think yoghurt is a treat for as long as possible, I say :)

    Another lovely post xx

  5. That is so funny, i'm not into icecream, but my husband is, he's all about vanilla. We were a No Frills Neapolitan family, i think it's how big families rolled back then. Only the poor strawberry was always the last flavour standing. Love Posie

  6. That is so amusing, Julie. I also have such childhood memories. And last night when I was hunting for some vanilla icecream for our raspberry pie, I found we only had neapolitan. Mr PB must have bought some for the pixies. And you know what? I'm no longer a fan. Now I'm a vanilla girl (with buttermilk), through and through! J x


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