Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Steps

Although he isn't technically walking as yet, I couldn't resist popping Felix into a little pair of pre-walker shoes. I find few things more adorable than a baby's first shoe. I think it is way too cute that Dunlop make volley's for babies, but I am so glad they do. Angus had a pair of these when he was first toddling also. They are cheap and very basic, but just perfect for finding one's feet and becoming accustomed to a life of wearing shoes. Once he is up and racing, I'll invest in a decent pair of leather pumps for getting about in. But for the next few weeks I'll enjoy Oooing and Ahhing over the little retro treasures on his tootsies.

Today was my last day of maternity leave. After 13 months, I go back to work tomorrow and it feels strange. I am nervous, emotional, apprehensive, focused, organised... and funnily enough a tiny bit excited, about forging yet another path on our journey. I know the change will bring high's and low's of every description, but we'll take them all in our stride. Baby steps. For all of us. That's what it's all about.


  1. Good luck for tomorrow at work! So exciting!

  2. Gorgeous photos Julie! :) Cute shoes, Felix looks great in them! He'll be running around in no time!
    Good luck for tomorrow! I will be thinking about you, and look forward to hearing how you go. xx

  3. Felix sure is a stunner...what a gorgeous boy and I agree that pre-walker are just adorable.
    Have fun tomorrow :)


  4. I just adore volleys. Especially teeny tiny ones.
    So cute.
    I hope tomorrow is all you hope for - and the start of another chapter in your beautiful Mummy life.
    If it's not for any reason - hang in there!!!

  5. Gorgeous Felix! Good luck with your return to work.


  6. Dunlop volleys are adorable, they are the beginning of the walking journey.
    Enjoy your return to the workforce, time for you to have some adult time and to enjoy a hot coffee!!

  7. Those sneakers are too cute. The pictures of child is beyond precious! He has the best smile.

    Good luck with your first day back at work!!

  8. I love the little dunlop volleys too. So cute! All the best with going back to work today xx

  9. Super cute shoes!

    I hope that your first day goes really well. Can't wait to hear all about it! x

  10. Those shoes are so cute!
    I had a pair of pink ones for Miss 3...3 years ago.

    Good luck back at work. I'm terrified of going back to work. I honestly don't know how anyone juggles working and being a mum.

  11. Oh, Julie, Felix is just adorable! Best of luck with the return to work - thinking of you. J x

  12. I think he knows that he's the coolest little dude around! All the best at work too, I know you'll be fine and so will the kids.

  13. I hope going back to work was all ok and you did not miss your boys too much. Felix is a spunk too!


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