Saturday, September 10, 2011


I learnt a couple of important lessons this week. It seems for the first time ever, I overlooked the due date on my comprehensive car insurance premium. I pay my bills on time religiously and of all the bills to be late with, this one scares me the most. I've always had a belief that the minute I'm uninsured, something is bound to happen. Well I dispelled that fear, driving around for almost a whole month with only third party insurance. Yikes, it still rattles me to think about. The good part is, due to my lateness, I was required to call the customer service line to pay the premium. Normally I would pay online, as per renewal amount. But after a couple of details were updated over the phone, they actually revised my premium. To $400 less than the renewal! Four. hundred. dollars. The not so good part is that I could have been saving this amount for the past 2 years, but hadn't thought to update my personal details. Lesson learned

Child care fees are exy, actually downright astronomical. I pay ours monthly and it's a large debit all in one hit. When I set up the DDR, I chose credit card simply due to convenience and didn't think much else of it. Well three months of fees passed and this week was the first time I've properly looked at the statement of account from the child care head office. Boy, am I glad I did. In fine, fine, print on the original DDR there it was... 1.87% fee per credit card transaction. Needless to say, from now on I'll be saving a hefty $38 each month on pointless credit card transaction fees. Lesson learned.

I was feeling rather glum last night with the forecast of cloud and rain for today. Instead, it delivered beautiful Spring sunshine and a fresh breeze. It was still decidedly chilly down on the beach this morning. But it was also stunning and exhilarating and breathtaking. Nothing beats that crisp, clean, salty air. I should already know not to take weather forecasts as gospel. They are so often wrong. Another lesson learned.


  1. Hi your beach images..those crisp whites and deep deep blues..yum! I got all my washing dry today after the days of rain we've had here..isn't it funny how something so little can make us happy sometimes?

  2. What beautiful photos! I am beach obsessed so these are right up my alley. :)

    I can tell you a story about lapsed insurance. It involves a porsche. And lots of money spent on repairing one, YIKES! To say I am now paranoid about lapsing insurance is an understatement!

    Well done on the savings Jules, well done. xo

  3. Oh, how cool is that HUGE saving?

    In fact, you are so full of wisdom that I'm going to call all my utilities and see if i can get a cheaper price!

    Well, okay. Not ALL my utilities, but definitely my insurance.

    Beautiful photos on your new camera!

    Go Julie!


  4. Wow - $400!! BIG SAVINGS. Some good learning this week :O) Good idea to check things - I'm guilty of just paying and not thinking too!!

  5. Gorgeous photos lovely one.

    I find when I'm organised (with everything) I end up saving money. Hooray for that!

    As for all your delightful comments on my blog - thank you ever so much. I'm only just getting back into the blog-visiting and commenting groove so excuse my absence x

  6. Some sweet saving lessons too.
    Well done.
    Those credit card transactions fees irritate the heck outta me!

  7. I hate financial lessons! And I'm a very slow/careless learner with finances!

    Love you photos! The beach looks gorgeous today. Are you joining in my 52 Week Project? Love to see more of your photos! Fi x

  8. Oh my god, my heart was pounding, I thought you were going to say you had a pringle in your car whilst uninsured.

    My biggest fear also!

    Enjoy the extra moo-la you're saving through your lessons learnt :)


  9. I'm glad you shared your lessons learnt. Makes me want to look a little closer into a few of our financials...hmmm...lessons for sure. And I love your weekend pics. My goodness me we had a cracker of a spring weekend didn't we. Glorious. We had planned our weekend for sun, then checked the weather, changed to wet weather plans, then changed our plans again! Crazy, but loving this sun : ) Alison x

  10. I can feel the air from here... delicious! gxo

  11. Hope you spend your savings on something fun for you!!! And those photos are fantastic!


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