Monday, July 18, 2011

Hazy Rose Cottage

Today I decided to dig out my treasured assortment of Lilliput Lane collectables. I've had them securely packed away since we moved into our place (almost 2 years ago) and I have missed them. Because they're so precious, it's difficult to find a spot safe enough to display them. With 2 boisterous boys bouncing around, space for fine ornaments is limited. Each was given to me by my Mama, on various momentous occasions, including birthday's, passing my music exams and when Scott and I were engaged. 

Handmade and hand painted in Cumbria, England. Exquisitely intricate detail in every piece, they are a beautiful collector's item and every one has a true story behind it. They have all been modelled on real homes in England, adding to their unique beauty. They even come with their own set of deeds confirming the model is a true and authentic original. So I get to keep my very own little pocket of English countryside, in ceramic form. 

I could see myself pottering blissfully, in any of the delightful cottages, tending to the glorious gardens. It would be wonderful to see them in the flesh one day, but until then, I have my replicas. This little treasure is called 'Hazy Rose Cottage' (Longleat Wiltshire). It also doubles as a fragrant burner. A tiny scented cone fits under the cottage and when lit, a thin stream of smoke escapes through the chimney. And just like a real chimney, the brickwork has been designed to darken over time, with each use. How I love Lilliput Lane.


  1. I hope you found a safe place. Check and then check again. Boys are capable of strange things and can break anything in my experience! x

  2. Even if they don't have a safe permanent home at the moment it must almost be like a secret delight to take them out sometimes and just enjoy and admire them!

  3. Wow - they are gorgeous! I'd find a safe place then lock the door/blue tack them down or something to just be doubly sure they were okay ;-) How lovely of your Mum to give you something so special and keepable on special occasions.

  4. OH!! Breathtakingly beautiful.

  5. Oh how delightful...I would love to live in such a cottage!


  6. Hi, just came across your post searching for this cottage as I just discovered it is based on the cottage called County Cottage on the border of Wiltshire and Somerset that my dad used to live in when he was a child. I wanted to find one as I think he would be delighted, but I see I am going to have to trawl through ebay for months until one comes up.
    thanks for your picture and best of luck to you and your family


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