Wednesday, July 6, 2011


What a week! I feel like a spinning top at the hands of an overzealous child. Round and round I go. I decided we would keep Felix's 1st birthday celebrations simple. Low key and relaxed. When in actual fact I forgot, I don't know how to relax when I have more than a couple of people coming over. My mind goes into overdrive and doesn't give my body a chance in hell of keeping up. From one thing, to the next, I skip. Last night, we celebrated as a family. A good old fashioned kid's party. Complete with pies, sausage rolls, cocktail frankies and cake!

Today, we celebrated with a handful of friends for a birthday brunch. Although it was partying on a small scale, there were still 8 children and 7 Mama's... in our tiny house. By any definition, it was chaos for a few hours. But it was fun. There was plenty of food and drink and laughter. AND another birthday cake. I made two cakes for Angus' 1st birthday, so thought I'd stick with tradition. Plus, everyone loves cake. This one was inspired by The Women's Weekly Animals birthday cakes book. I always use the term 'inspired', as my attempts often don't turn out looking much like the pretty picture in the book. This cake was no exception. It resembles a teddy bear... which it should... but he was all out of whack. I need to brush up on my cake making skills if I'm going to continue my 'home made' birthday cake tradition as the boys get older. It did taste nice though (although I will add, that Felix threw both pieces of my cakes on the floor, hmm!)

So my baby boy is 1. It has been a wild ride, this past year. It has flown by like a bullet train and at the same time, in parts, time has stood still. He is the most delightful little boy I could wish for. Strong, outgoing, loving and charming. I said to Scott yesterday, "I adore him even more than that first moment I laid eyes on him". This best describes how I feel right now. That magical moment when I first met both of my boys is etched in my memory forever. Those individual experiences are filled with so much love, I was certain I could never love them more. But I have... and I do. This morning, Felix woke crying at 2.30. I was tired, as per usual. I'd stumbled into bed around midnight, after completing the finishing touches for his little party today. Instead of feeling cranky and frustrated, I was only too happy to give him a cuddle in the wee hours. Let him snuggle deep, his chubby, warm body resting on mine. He is 1. This milestone is special. I'm going to enjoy it for all that it is. A year goes by in the blink of an eye.


  1. Happy birthday to a gorgeous wee boy! And congratulations to mummy for surviving that first year - and baking two cakes!! I try and bake my own every year as well so keep up the good work.

  2. Oh Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little man! Such beautiful words. It Sounds like you all had a special day. xx

  3. Happy Birthday Felix! Oh, the photos are so adorable! He sure is one lovely boy. You are right, the time goes much too fast, and I'm so happy to hear that even though you're bleary eyed, that you even make time to enjoy him in the early hours.

    And well done on the cakes. They BOTH look fabulous! xx

  4. Oh, I've been forgetting to mention... do you have a link to your email in your blogger setup? Often you comment and I want to write back, but can't.

    Would love it if I could write back to you!


  5. Happy birthday little man. You are way to cute!! Love the cakes and hope you all day a fab day.

  6. ohhh, Happy birthday little guy! what a great milestone, and yes, time just flies doesn't it! my little bubba will be 4 next month..eeek!!

    happy birth day to you too mamma, hope you enjoyed some yummy cuddles & yummy cake too ♥

  7. What an adorable little face!!
    Happy, happy first birthday little man - and congratulations to you, Mum.
    Be kind to you. Your cakes were brilliant.
    Time for a rest, hey!!

  8. Happy Birthday!!
    Your babies are so adorable!!

    He looks very happy! Well done!

  9. awwwwwww he is so cute! that smile!!!! don't worry I always go OTT for parties except this year the twins we'll take out and elodie will just be family! it's hard work and I always get nervous about the cake but the teddy looks amazing! well done, now relax!

  10. Totally gorgeous!! And well done on the cakes!!!
    July birthdays rock. xx

  11. A very happy birthday to Mr One! Your teddy cake looks great..I like the yellow. Isn't it amazing how our capacity to love grows. Have a lovely day.

  12. Oh how gorgeous!!
    Happy birthday to Felix!
    Birthdays are crazy for mums, I was clever enough to have my two 4 days apart so it's stress city in September!

    I love your photos. x

  13. Oh, Julie! Felix is just scrumptious. And bravo you for all your cake making - I made that teddy bear one so I know what you went through!

    And I second Kymmie's suggestion. I posted about how to do it if you want to find out how to do it. J x


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