Sunday, August 23, 2015

What We Choose To Remember

I love photographs. And I find them particularly wonderful as a Mama to three children. Because parenting can be tough. A minefield of unplanned occurrences and dramatic incidents. But it can also be lovely. Happy and spontaneous, in the most beautiful of ways. These tend to be the moments we capture, as parents. And why not? We don't care to remember the 16 month old's half hour meltdown, pre nap time. Or the hour and a half we took turns waiting in a queue in the hot sun, so our boys could experience 5 minutes on a bungy trampoline. Or the 879 times we were asked for an icecream...before lunch, during lunch AND after lunch. Or even breaking a shoe whilst wrangling a toddler, pram and bag of snacks. No Siree! These here are the memories we want to have and to hold. They are the ones that warm our hearts and will make us smile. Forever. Just a fun family day, at our local racecourse, in the toasty August sunshine. And my baby girl patting a little piglet...without a doubt the highlight for this Mama.


  1. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous kiddos! x

  2. So sweet! love the pig patting. And it's true, always best to remember the highlights :)

  3. Yes!! And just a fleeting moment of highlights can change your thoughts and feelings for the better :) Great shots. Looks like they had a ball! X


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