Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Winter Blues

The weekend just gone was a breath of fresh air for our stale old household. Three consecutive weeks of the flu and flu-like symptoms really started to take it's toll on this usually very healthy little family. My poor sweet Felix, I haven't seen him as down for the count as he was last week in I can't remember how long. Three days of fever, vomiting and existing only on Zooper Dooper iceblocks saw him really lengthen out, losing a fair chunk of his puppy fat. It is as though he shot up overnight. Thankfully, his appetite is now returning to it's brilliant best.

The weather, in a way, mirrored the scene we've been a part of, with lots and LOTS of rain, drab skies and frosty days. Truly a Winter display right here. But on Saturday, we managed to all get out of the house together and spend a lovely few hours at the race course. A special family friendly day on offer, with some activities for the kiddies and naturally, a day of horse racing. By early afternoon, the sky gave way to thick, heavy clouds once more and rain tumbled down on our parade. That's ok, we had a ball while it lasted and felt quite pleased with ourselves for making the most of the day, while it lasted. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Five Down

Winter. The merciless beast. I thought we were going pretty well health wise this year...and then August struck. All five of us have been down for the count this past week. In true Murphy's law style, the three littlies fell ill on the same night...while Scott was away for work in Cairns for a few days. So the usual bedlam that is my life these days, has been taken to new heights of chaos. Then of course two days later, I succumbed to a sinus infection...same day Scott returned home...with a cold. Compared with this time last year though, I should probably count my lucky stars that my body is my own. August 2013 is a month I'd like to put as far to the back of my mind as I can. Those early days of pregnancy were not kind. At all. Morning sickness and the flu are a fairly punishing combination. So when things have overwhelmed me during our bout of bleugh, I've reminded myself that it could be worse.

As for being a third time seasoned Mama when it comes to illness, I'm afraid I still don't cope well that first time my precious bubba spikes a fever. Or cries out uncontrollably. all. night. Or doesn't feed with the insatiable appetite she normally has. In fact, I struggle when any of my chickens are not one hundred percent, sparking on all plugs. I'm thinking that's just a Mama thing. One of the clauses in the contract we never signed. Needless to say I am quietly counting down the days to warm, Summery goodness and seeing the back of flu season and all it's associated lurgies.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Still a Mama of 2 Boys

It has been some time since I felt the desire to update this space. The neglect is evident from the date of the last published post...and the fact that I have completely forgotten how to manage it. But the world's kept spinning and my cheeky boys have continued to grow and thrive and keep me busy beyond words.

And then in March this year, a beautiful little something happened. The sweetest, most delightful baby girl burst into our world...and we named her Bonny Grace. She is a dream come true and a magical blessing in our lives, because it feels like we waited a long time for her to arrive.

Therefore, life is busy. Crazy. Wonderful. I have never felt so tired, yet so fulfilled. So out of control, yet so empowered. So much like I'm drowning, yet so buoyant. I'm ready and wanting to start recording the memories again, the special stories that shape our family and keep us going, day in, day out. 

I have missed the blogging community too. I've thought about all the lovely blogs on my blog roll often and wondered what everyone is up to. Hoped you're all going well. I intend to get back into reading and visiting again, looking forward to catching up on lost time.

So here I am, still a Mama of 2 boys...AND a darling girl. I think the blog called for a name change as a result. After being a full time stay at home Mama for almost three years now, I'm in a fair position to say that all I do, is for love. And I wouldn't want it any other way.