Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Locks

I faced the realisation over the weekend... my baby boy was growing a mullet. It really crept up on me. One minute I was admiring his gorgeous, soft as silk fly away's. The next, it hit me that those fly away's were fast becoming long, straggly, out of control dirt catchers. There was no choice. I had to act. So baby Felix received his very first hair cut. Mama style. Then I remembered, there was a time when I used to cut Angus' hair quite well also. Before it looked like the mixing bowl do the poor kidlet lived with for over 2 years. I am pretty happy with how Felix's turned out. He looks so neat and tidy. Actually he reminds me of a little lego figurine now. A real little big man. Still my baby... but the way he's growing, it would appear, not for much longer.


  1. great cut! elodie totally has a mullet going on with a fuzzy bald patch at the centre of the back of her head. such a cute little boy!

  2. He has a great face.. just lights ups the world!!

  3. Haha, yes baby mullets are a no-no!
    Great Mama cut!!
    He's adorable.

  4. You did a great job Julie....he still looks as cute as ever :)



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