Friday, July 8, 2011

Batten down the hatches

I never know how to react at that awkward moment, when I sense someone might cry. I know I personally don't enjoy crying in front of others, so I half expect most people don't enjoy crying in front of me. Today was Angus' last day at his preschool. Although there have been some tumultuous times over the past 5 months, he has also grown very fond of the teachers and children. One teacher in particular, a lovely young lady called Fiona. She is calm, bright and always smiling. She took a shine to Angus early on and the feeling was more than mutual. She only found out today that it was to be his last day. I felt for her, that teary look on her sweet face when I came to pick Angus up was more than a bit touching. Angus gave her a big hug and kiss goodbye. I still don't think he comprehends it was his last day at that preschool. I am hoping the transition will not be too rough on him.

Felix and I took a little trip in to visit the centre he and Angus will be starting at next week. Meeting the teachers and seeing the surrounds eased my concerns a little further. I needed to do this, the pressure of worry I have on my mind at the moment is not sustainable. I can't keep fretting like this or I will be no good to anyone. So this mini orientation was a very healthy thing for me. I have no doubt the boys will both take some adjustment, but like everything, we will plug on together. It was reassuring to see just how close their rooms are to one another and that they have a common outdoor play area. Just knowing they are there together helps immensely.

This afternoon, I finally caved. I have been trying to avoid the installation of Operation: batten down the hatches for a while. But I've had enough of tripping over utensils and containers that have been pulled out and scattered all over the floor by the busy hands of Felix. I actually thought I might get away with not securing the kitchen cupboards and drawers with latches this time. I wasn't a big fan of them when Angus was little. They're fiddly and ugly and require more effort each time we need to get anything out or put anything back in. But they were a necessity then and they're a necessity now, in the wake of cyclone Felix.

Little buddha... always looking for something to destroy in the kitchen... like my cupcake stand! 
(I love how the size 2 jumper Nana knitted for him is more a midriff top, than a jumper... SUCH a chubba).


  1. Mr Felix has super duper brown eyes! I hope your other two are happy this term at school...and there aren't too many tears from anyone.

  2. All the best for the big school move. I know how stressful that can be. It sounds like you've done all the right things to make it go smoothly. Wishing you a happy transition xx

  3. Cyclone season! Hope everyone emerges unscathed!
    Best of luck with the changes ahead. You're doing a brilliant job of orchestrating the whole thing so beautifully.

  4. The locks can be cumbersome but for safety sake it is worth it.

    Glad that the children are in a good place and it eases your mind!!

  5. I hope the new preschool goes well and Angus settles in quickly.


  6. I hope all the changes go smoothly, its so nice the boys can go to the same center together, so reassuring the can support each other if need be.
    Try not to worry too much, i am sire they will be fine. xx


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