Thursday, January 31, 2013

And so it goes

So it hit me today. My big boy starts big school next week. I become a school Mama next week. My inseparable duo, become separated next week. Angus had his Best Start Assessment at the school this morning. Only two and a half hours worth, but it seemed like a whole day to Felix and I. Because at this stage (and it is by far the way I'd prefer it to be), it is Felix and I who are doing all the crying. We are going to miss our boy so much. I hope he has a ball and never looks back. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Big HOT Day Out

Friday was HOT in Sydney. The hottest day on record. It reached forty five degrees where we live and I know it exceeded that temperature in certain parts of the city. Crazy. And it just so happened that Scott and I had tickets to the Big Day Out. We are huge fans of The Killers and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, so we could not let this festival slip by. It was my first Big Day Out and I certainly waited long enough to experience it. We had more than a few good chuckles at ourselves for getting out and amongst the thousands of scantily clad young ones... oldies that we are. But in that boiler room, with the DJ doing his thing, the music pumping, lights flashing, ferris wheel spinning, I felt eighteen again. And it was pretty bloody wonderful. My feet didn't thank me, for grinding them into the ground dancing. Sometimes you've just got to unleash that inner youth. Oh and the headline acts did not disappoint, definitely worth the years we've waited to see them live. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

And just like that... he's five!

So while we were away, my big boy turned five. FIVE! And whilst it sounds rather cliche, I can honestly say I am not sure where those years have gone. Mainly in a blur... and the last two and a half years seem to be the most hazy. Oh how my little ray of sunshine has struggled with being an older brother, much of the time. His jealousy and desire to be first and foremost in everything he does, has worn me down, far more than I ever thought possible. But on the flip-side, his love and compassion, enthusiasm and sense of humour has buoyed me through each and every day too. Such a wise old soul behind those beautiful baby blue eyes.

I can literally feel my heart cracking at the thought of him starting school in a few weeks. I know that things will be different and he will become an even bigger boy. And part of me just wants to step back in time to those long walks in the Summer of 2008, with my sweet new babe strapped in his baby bjorn. Chubby, bare legs dangling down my torso. Tiny heart beating right next to mine. Because those days seem like yesterday... yet so far away. What a five years it has been, my darling boy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sunrise... over the beaches

The boys were quite the early risers during our holiday. Every. single. morning. of our holiday. The non-existence of daylight savings in Queensland completely threw them. So it was 5am starts for us and more than a few tantrums brought on by tiredness. But on our last morning on the road, we finally took full advantage of the early start, heading down to Sapphire Beach on the Coffs Coast. The resort we stayed at had private access to this stunning little beach. And we watched the sun rise. The boys, pyjama clad, cooled their toes, as they played chasings with the waves. One of my absolute favourite moments of our trip. One I'll remember always. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Super Parks

Ah, the surreal world of the theme park. I was an adult the first time I set foot in one. It was Dream World, with my best friend and we loved it! I missed out on the adventure park type holidays as a kid, so I'm making up for lost time with my own children. And it was a little extreme. Scott and I decided to choose the three park super pass option to get the most value and varied experiences. Oh my, the energy of it all. A complete overdose for the senses. But incredible fun and such wonderful memories to take with us. Dinosaur Island at Sea World was a personal fave. So life-like, the boys are still not entirely convinced the prehistoric beasts haven't made a comeback. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


There are always moments, during a road trip with kids, when you stop and look at each other with a look of helplessness that says "why did we decide to do this?" Scott and I experienced many of these moments on our road trip in twenty twelve... and in twenty thirteen, we did it all again. Because last year, we fell in love with Coolum, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. But this year, we wanted to stick around a while, instead of breezing through on the way to somewhere else. So we braved the arguments, the whinging, the crying and tantrums and drove the two thousand or so kilometre round trip. And it was SO worth it. Just a little piece of paradise for my boys and I to escape to. Glorious

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twenty Twelve... Over & Out

Twenty Twelve was a massive year. Brilliant in many ways, not so brilliant in others. But that's a year. So much happens and we're left at the end wondering just where the time went.
And we saw twenty twelve out in the nicest of ways. New Year's Eve, at home, with great friends, christening our new outdoor space. We also took the opportunity to celebrate our big boy's birthday. Five this week and I am shaking my head about where those years have gone. He is such a character these days, with a beautiful little sense of humour, a kind heart and so much love for his family and friends. He changed my life on that Summer's day five years ago, and along with his brother, will always be the best thing I have done.