Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Behind Bars

Felix has upped the anti with his curious ways. He is one tricky customer and being one step ahead of him is often not enough these days. He uses objects to stand on and gain some height to reach the top of bench tops, tables, cabinets. He lays waiting for me to forget the latches on the kitchen cupboards, then strikes when I'm not looking or when my hands are full. He knows when to pick his moments and where the exposed areas are. 

I knew it wouldn't be long before he figured out how to negotiate his way through my clever 'dining chair blockade' across the staircase. Last week he cracked it. Like a stealth mission, one night when I was busy in the kitchen, he burrowed under the wooden bars at the base of the chair. Then with snake like agility, he slithered up onto the first step. And took off! He was on the fifth step by the time I realised and much to his delight, I let him go. Standing close behind him, I wanted to see just how far he would go. Right to the top he climbed, cruised across the landing and into his room. No. fear.

So the old safety gate was dug out, dusted off and installed, without delay. Our stairs are steep, like most terrace houses. Thankfully they are carpeted (in the most 70's green colour no less, one day we'll renovate!) which is a little safer than the wooden variety. I wasn't willing to take any chances with my cheeky monkey though. The gate is fiddly and awkward and more of a squeeze for Scott and I to use the stairs. But at least it's secure and Angus thinks it's fantastic. He has created his own chill out space, a place to play without disruption from his inquisitive little brother. Felix is not entirely pleased with the setup however and still thinks if he shakes the bars hard enough, he'll lead the revolt and have a jail break on his hands. 

Teething babies and satin ribbons... inseparable! 


  1. So nice that Angus now has his own play area! Let's hope that Felix doesn't figure out how to drag a chair across to try and tackle that gate!!

  2. Our children always find a way to outwit us :) I had to chuckle at Angus setting up space on the other side of the bars...that's exactly what our oldest did too.


  3. Ah, what precious photos, Julie. I totally relate to the stealth-like aspect - read my 'Quicksilver Sam' posts for a giggle! J x

  4. Mr Felix is very cute! That carpet colour isn't too bad..quite practical at least. Kids are so persistent aren't they? I'm sure he'll try another trick soon.

  5. I love that boy's smile!!!

    Maybe you should move the toys from the stairs. I think they are too much of a temptation and I think I can see him planning a way to get them!! lol

  6. I'm only new to your blog, but I just love it!

    Felix seems so cheeky :)

    We're just about to look for those gates to block our kitchen from our son Max.

    He's obsessed with the oven, and loves looking at his reflection in the oven. Which means I've not been able to have the oven on while he's awake -- not practical!

    Can't wait to get my gates this weekend :)

  7. Awww gosh he's such a cutie pie. His smile is so addictive I don't believe he could ever do a thing wrong. Those toys on the other side are so tempting.


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