Friday, July 22, 2011

Be kind to your knees...

Back in 1999, when The Sunscreen Song came out (or Everybody's Free to wear Sunscreen), it didn't take long for it to be played within an inch of it's life. And so it should have been. It was a brilliant creation. Beautiful piece of music and clever lyrics. Words to live by, in my eyes. One line in particular, would make me laugh every time I heard it. To this day, it has stuck with me. In 1999, it was kind of funny, to a bouncy, energetic 20 year old. But this week I have been thinking about that line and what it means. Often.

Since carrying two 10 pound babies, my knees aren't what they used to be. I noticed after Angus was born, they would ache more regularly and at times kneeling or squatting down would take extra effort. Despite this I continued to run. I love running and it makes me feel good. It sheds the post baby kilos quickly and that's important. Yes. Important. Then, once Felix had arrived, the familiar twinge made a return. I put on oodles of weight when carrying him and once more, my knees bore the brunt of pressure. Yet soon after he was born, I started running again. Mainly on the sand, to cushion the impact, but running all the same. I also live to dance and at times, like a mad thing. Hours and hours of high energy fun. And I love doing this in killer heels. In fact, I have always had a penchant for killer heels in general.

Then this week I experienced a few days of crippling pain. Every time I went to bend or crouch down to change or bath the boys, my knees would seize abruptly. I was having a chat with some friends at work yesterday. All enjoying a bit of a chuckle about Homeshop products and my Ab Pro Circle, purchased with the intention of providing 'rock hard abs'. One of the more 'mature' ladies of the group quizzed me about the effect working out with this contraption has on my knees. And it hit me, like a tonne of bricks. I am that line in The Sunscreen Song. I finally understand the importance of 'be kind to your knees... you'll miss them when they're gone'. It has only taken me 12 years. Now if it isn't already too late, I'm going to work on being a little kinder to them.


  1. I love that song. Had just forgotten that I love it! The truth in the lyrics is great.

    Your poor knees. What does this mean for the mighty Ab Pro Circle then? Ebay?!


  2. I don't think we ever realise sometimes the implication that pregnancy and carrying that extra load can have on our bodies...I have only just recently stopped having crippling back pain and our little one is 19mths.

  3. I have been working out with a trainer for the past month and that was something he mentioned about taking care of my knees better. I can't wear killer heels (they kill me!) but I have had to alter my training to protect them better. I hope you recover fast, and maybe use flats for a while? x


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