Monday, October 29, 2012


There have been quieter months on record. I'm sure of it. Most definitely less stressful ones. And I'm certain the combination of renovations, starting up an online business and preparing my beautiful boy for his first operation, have been the main contributing factors behind the chaos. But it's all good. I'm loving the thought of the fresh new spaces in our home... loving creating more bright and colourful designs for friends and family to dress their littlies in and most importantly... LOVING that those pesky adenoids are OUT and all the fluid in those little ears is GONE and we can put today behind us. Because today, was traumatic.

I am so proud of Angus and how he handled the whole unpleasant ordeal. These are the experiences I really didn't consider before becoming a Mama. Sleepless nights, temper tantrums, dirty nappies and the like... all of that, I anticipated. But the tear your heart out pain of seeing fear in their eyes or holding them as they go under anaesthetic or watching them claw at the bandage on their arm where the needle went in... these are the things that knock us for a six. The ones nothing can prepare us for and the ones we won't forget in a hurry.

A few houses in our neighbourhood are really getting into the swing of Halloween this year... the boys are a bit young to get into the celebrations at this stage... yet I still couldn't resist whipping up these tees for my cheeky Halloweenies. And they're now part of the Button Tots range

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Renovator's Delight?

I am learning a great many things as a first time renovator. As prepared as I tried to be and as much chaos as I'd imagined it might cause... the reality has been so much messier than I could have envisioned. Living without a kitchen is stressful, with a capital S. It is fruitless to clean... anything... because within minutes of doing so, a thick layer of dust always makes it's way back to settle on every single surface I just cleaned. Every step of the process seems to take longer than expected to complete, costs more and uncovers hidden obstacles... which in turn add to the costs. Some days offer incredible progress, then others seem to offer no progress at all. Getting out of the house early and for long periods is essential... especially with two and four year old wannabe tradies on the scene. It's amazing the number of activities I have found to do, as a result of having to stay clear of the house, day in, day out. I will never get used to the feel of dust and gyprock particles and bits of broken house under foot, ergh, makes me shiver. 
I have no idea why anyone ever decided to put the two words renovator's delight together. There is nothing delightful about renovating. 

But today was delightful. My boys and I had a fabulous time checking out this year's amazing entries in the Sculptures By The Sea. If it's possible, I think they get more impressive every year. Angus seemed extra excited about it all, beckoning me to "take a picture of this one too Mama!", at each new piece he spotted. I think I've created a little poser, as he insisted on planting himself in front of each sculpture I photographed. Or maybe it's a love of photography all round, as when I finally gave in to let him snap a shot of Scott and I, he did a wonderful job of it. A lovely day of rejuvenation, ahead of week three of renovations. And... breeeeeathe.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I was telling Angus about my friend Nat this morning, on our way to catch up with her and her delightful family. And how we met for the first time when I was about his age. Coming up to thirty years ago. Thirty. years. How does that happen? I could describe our friendship as a great many things, but the one I feel sums it up the best is effortless. Doesn't sound particularly sentimental or loving. But if it's one thing I have learnt about friendships, it is that those effortless ones are worth more than gold. The kind that picks up where we left off, respects and supports, understands and endures... and doesn't change, even when we do. I love watching our children grow and play together, the years seem to be flying by and I know that before we know it, another thirty years will have passed. I hope they're able to experience a lifetime of incredible moments with one another too.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


We're feeling a bit displaced around here this week. Scott and I have lived together for twelve years and until now, never undertaken any kind of renovations on the houses we've lived in. But after three years in our 1885 built terrace, we decided it definitely needed a facelift in certain areas. So I chose the two areas that need the most TLC... and they just happen to be my favourite spots too. I can't wait until our kitchen and backyard are complete. Living amongst permanent mess and boxes packed with almost the entire contents of the kitchen, gets a tad old after a few days. But I can't complain, as my wonderful brother and his crew are doing it all and it's really nice actually knowing the tradies wandering around my home.

Aside from existing under a thick blanket of dust, this week we've also kept pretty busy. Getting out of the house early and returning home as the guys are about to head off. With two curious boys poking around tools and wires, it seems to be the most logical plan. On the way home from preschool on Tues, the boys joined Angus' friend Will and his little sister on a tour of our local fire station. It's been years since Angus sat in the fire truck, so long he couldn't even remember doing it. I think he'll remember this time though. Being doted on by the lovely firefighters and enjoying a real hands-on experience with the truck lights AND the big hose. Impossible not to love the fireies.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Seeing Pink

Like most women seem to be, I'm passionate about cancer research. All types of cancer research. But the pink ribbon fundraisers running throughout October, really command my attention. My lovely friend Donna, is an absolute star when it comes to fundraising for breast cancer research. Each year, her turnout gets bigger and reaches further than the one before. This year, as always, she organised, prepared and held the event in her home. But this year, she is eight months pregnant. And totally uncomfortable and exhausted. Not that she let on last night, mingling and hosting like a pro. I'm in awe of her dedication and unrelenting support of this amazing cause.

One of the highlights of the night was a fabulous raffle, made up of gorgeous goodies donated by many small businesses. I was rather excited to be one of those businesses, providing a selection of singlets, onesies and tees from my Button Tots range. And an extra special creation whipped up especially for Donna's big night. A huge hit with the gals... and I'm stoked it will be worn by one of the sweetest little two year old's I know. A very successful evening, with the donation tally currently at $1400.00... and still rising!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Dip

Our mornings are always far too regimented for my liking. Getting dressed, eating breakfast, cleaning up after breakfast, washing clothes, folding clothes, hoovering floors, preparing snacks. All rather monotonous. But when the sun shines and the temperature is just about perfect... well, nothing seems quite as laborious. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their first dip of the season. Personally, still a little too nippy for me, but I paddled... and enjoyed getting splashed. A nasty chunk out of one precious knee did threaten to bring the Summery dream undone. But after a bit of coaxing and sympathy and a loving lecture on keeping clear of the rocks, we were right as rain and back on track, to make the most of this early taste of Summer.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Lots to love about our October long weekend. Wonderful quality time spent with great friends... with a delicious dinner and a few drinkies thrown into the mix. Running a personal best on the sand, ten laps is the new number to beat. A couple of lovely nights of cosy sleep. Lots and lots of sunshine and bright blue skies. Seeing my boys muck around together on the sand. The Swannies winning the AFL Grand Final. Sewing sweet creations, by special request, for good friends. A tasty lunch and glass of wine with two of my boys, while the other slept peacefully in his pram. And my favourite part... watching these two all brotherly and loved up, sharing an old school dixie cup of vanilla icecream, by the beach. Loving!

*Thank you so much for all the lovely comments following my last post. So nice to receive such understanding and thoughtful words of wisdom.