Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best Laid Plans

For the first time since my return to work, I woke this morning rearing to go. I didn't sleep through the alarm. I had my outfit sorted. The boys outfits sorted. Bags ready. Hair washed and straightened. The sun shining (for once). Even my makeup glided on just so. I was on time and keeping cool. Angus rose in a good mood and keen as mustard for his 'new' preschool, as he calls it. Alas, my poor baby Felix was not on the same calm and collected path.

His little nose was congested, eyes stuck together, one of them only partly open. He looked like he had gone 10 rounds in the ring of a world title boxing match. It broke my heart to see. With that, the day changed shape. Phone calls were made. Corporate attire ripped off and exchanged for Mama about the house clothes. And a whole new focus... making my little man better. I felt SO incredibly guilty, calling in a sickie on my third week back. I am a lucky Mama having such understanding, supportive colleagues. At times like these, I beat myself up enough, without having to contend with pressure from work.

By 10am, his messy little face was back to normal. I'm always amazed how babies/children can look so off colour one minute, then in the next breath, they've all but recovered. Felix's miraculous improvement filled me with relief. I was so worried about him in those early morning hours. I'm crossing my fingers that everyone will be fighting fit for tomorrow, so I can at least make an appearance at work for the week. But just to be safe, I might refrain from being completely organised this evening, as the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

I purchased these cute little fellas on my lunch break at work last week... and I finally found a home for them... on top of the fireplace, keeping the clock company. 


  1. Poor Baby Felix ... but I was happy to read that he was feeling better quickly.
    And those birds are just so cute. Do they have names? They look like they need names.

  2. Love days that start so well - good for you for being so organised! Hope Felix is feeling more chipper now! Love your birdies!

  3. Oh, Julie. That sounds like the dreaded conjunctivitis. I have gone many rounds with this horrid foe. Chlorsig always strides to my rescue! I hope little Felix is on the mend. J x

  4. Oh no!
    Damn Murphy.
    Hopefully you get to work tomorrow.
    Kids bounce so beautifully!

  5. It is so tough to see your baby in that condition.
    I wish they could bottle the recovery time of children. I think we would all benefit from it. :)

  6. As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men etc etc. Hope Felix is better now. And those birdies definitely need names.

  7. Five years on and I'm still amazed at how quickly a kid can get sick and then recover!

    Hope today is a better for all! x

  8. This is the tough bit isn't it? I am so sorry he was sick, but I am also very sorry for you as well. The tug between home and work is a constant. I always used to remind myself just to be incredibly grateful for the days it went well, they'd hold me together for the days when it didn't! x


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