Friday, August 7, 2015

Cherished Moments

As a child my greatest fear was something happening to my parents. And due to our incredibly close connection, more particularly, something happening to my Mum. There has been no one as constant in my life as my Mum, for as long as I have lived. This year has been the toughest and most confronting to date, where my parents are concerned. Times like these force me to look deeper than I ever thought possible, for strength and guidance. For what to do next. And for who to be, now that I am officially and without question, the adult. The unwavering responsibility I have taken on as Mama to my own babies, now has an added element to it. An overwhelming urge to protect and nurture and just be there. They're unchartered waters I'm sailing. They're deep and dark and rough, at times. And I'm absolutely certain I have no idea where they begin, or where they end. So I get up each day and just navigate my way, as best I can. And I thank time, for giving me these irreplaceable moments between my Mum and my girl. Or as Nana calls her "my girl".  

Walking Eden Gardens with Nana in July for her 76th birthday. 


  1. It sounds tough but good to cherish those memories, and sometimes it is hard to be the adult. Take care x

  2. It is confronting to hit that point where we feel the whole wait of being a parent. xxx


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