Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting back to nature

As time goes by, priorities consistently change. Which keeps life interesting and gives purpose to the every day. For the first 3 years of marriage, Scott and I were footloose and fancy free. Doing what we liked, when we liked. Each year, we marked our wedding anniversary with a weekend away or a holiday. Good times that we will always look back on in the same hazy, romantic way we look back on most things we did, prior to starting a family.

Yesterday, we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, in true family style, with the afternoon spent at one of our favourite parks. The sun finally escaped the heavy clouds and shone through in spectacular form. The boys ran and crawled and discovered. They played hide and seek, finding secret spots in the trunks of large trees and underneath low lying canopies of leaves and branches. Felix experienced pine needles for the first time and delighted in scrunching whole handfuls of them between his chunky little fingers. A perfect setting for exploring nature to their hearts content. And whilst it wasn't quite as relaxing or near as indulgent for us, as anniversaries passed, it was in every way as memorable.

Joining in with the lovely Kellie at 1000 Homes of Happiness, working through the playlist, encouraging outdoor, imaginative, free-ranging play.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seven Years

A wedding is a beautiful celebration. The fun, fashion and romance. Food, drink and dancing. Smiles, tears and all round euphoria in the air. But wedding's can also be almighty hectic, stressful and nerve wracking. An hour prior to departure from my parent's place, on my wedding day, I freaked out. Excitement and anticipation culminated in a rather emotional reaction to my hair and makeup. The expectations I placed on these two things were not met, in my critical eyes. I remember shakily walking into the bathroom, collecting my thoughts as I fought back tears and just. breathing. Deep and long. From that point onwards, I was fine. And apart from making Scott wait almost half an hour for my fashionably late arrival, he was fine also.

Seven years ago today, I married the love of a lifetime. A man who I've shared a strong affinity with from the moment we met. Someone who makes me laugh heartily and love passionately. Dream big and reach for the stars. A husband who's devotion grows stronger with each and every year we're together. And a friend who challenges me enough to keep the spark alive. If I had my time again, there are certain things I would change about our wedding day. Choices made by my somewhat naive and impressionable 25 year old self. Though a wedding is but only a day. A marriage is forever and that decision, I wouldn't change for the world.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Partying & Fundraising

Tiredness is a powerful feeling. It builds, gains momentum and eventually seeps into every inch of the body, until it almost paralyses. This evening, tiredness has caught up with me. After a few hectic days (and numerous late nights) I can feel the effects of fatigue all over. Today, quite possibly pushed me over the edge, as we dashed from pillar to post, for two important occasions. A pink ribbon breakfast fundraiser, held by a friend who's mama has been battling breast cancer, was the first stop. My word, she hosted a beautiful morning. And raised over $500 through her efforts. Quite inspiring given she is 35 weeks pregnant and has a gorgeous little energetic lady, a month younger than Felix, running around. The human spirit can be such a prosperous thing, when we truly embrace it.

Next stop, a birthday party for an extra special 4 year old in our lives. It is hard to believe it has been 4 years since I watched this little chicken take her first breaths of life. I will never forget that night. 10 weeks away from giving birth to my own first child, I stood and sat and waited and supported my friend, her hubby and her own Dad, in one of the most momentous deliveries any of us had experienced. That swollen, chubby, pink face staring out at me through the perspex hospital crib. Just incredible. And today, we celebrated with her, until we very nearly dropped.

Angus, who appears to be a little off colour, is now snoozing soundly. Felix, who insisted on clinging to me like a wet swimsuit all. day. is also sleeping happily. And Scott, after a day of 'catching up' with some friends, including a mate who is out from Singapore on business, is snoring deeply. I think it's time for Mama to also lay this tiredness to rest.


When I first started working in the big city, I was overwhelmed. A whole new chapter had begun. It was exciting and fast and loud and vibrant. So incredibly appealing to a young, fresh faced twenty year old. Meeting people, making friends, after work drinks on a Friday. So many adventures to embark on. It is no surprise that I think about these times often. Lately, I have been reminiscing more and more on the past 12 or so years and I suspect these feelings will only intensify the closer I come to saying goodbye to it all. To closing the final chapter.

One place, I am particularly nostalgic for, is a pretty garden oasis surrounding a majestic old sandstone pub and beer garden. Literally smack bang in the middle of a sea of sky rise concrete and glass. I have spent many a lunch hour, relaxing in the sun, chatting with friends, shaking off the cares of the world, at this very location. Being there is almost like stepping back in time, because nothing about it has ever changed. Though I have changed. Experienced love and heartache. Joy and sadness. Marriage and children. I've taken extended periods of leave and returned... twice! But this place has remained constant throughout and I'm fond of it. It feels like home. Looking around today, as the sun fought it's way through the clouds and onto the blue sky, I realised just how much I will miss my treasured spot. Along with all the colourful memories. So much history shared within this picturesque Oasis, in the big city.

Friday, October 28, 2011

All that glitters

I have been a lover of Swarovski for as long as I can remember. As a little girl I recall admiring the signature swan on my sister-in-law's dresser. Fascinated by the little coloured prisms, melded together in brilliant formation. The rainbow flecks bouncing off every surface surrounding that elegant swan. I knew it was precious and not for touching or holding or heaven forbid, playing with. Even now, whenever I walk into a Swarovski shop, I am momentarily dazed. All those lights. All the sparkle. All. that. bling. And I am not even a particularly bling kinda person. But something about this crystal sensation just makes me want to buy up. For myself and the special people in my life.

My niece turned 18 this week and I was keen to give her a memorable keepsake, as I did for her sister a few years back when she turned 18. She is a great lover of all things animal and intends to pursue a career with the zoo, after her studies. So with my specifications in mind, off we skipped. I knew as soon as I saw this adorable duck, it was for Lara. I like him so much, he could quite easily take pride of place on my own mantle.

Continuing my week of prickly hot, red faced moments, Angus took it upon himself to test out one of the shiny mirrors in the store. With his tongue. "I just licked the mirror Mama", he proudly announced, right in front of the well groomed sales assistant. I was mortified, scrambling around in my bag for a wet wipe to clean the mirror. Poor Angus, he knew he was in trouble. My icy glare and short sharp words were enough to see him sit tight for the remainder of the time we were there. Which of course, left me feeling awful, because he had trailed along patiently to that point and he's not even 4 years old yet and we were in Swarovski after all... brimming with eye candy. I guess each of us are going to show our appreciation in different ways.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I don't remember at what age I first became aware of stranger danger. But I do remember how vigilant my parents were with informing me about it growing up. I can recall them instructing me to under no circumstances ever leave the school grounds with anyone other than themselves or my direct family and never to play where they couldn't see me, or vice versa. I was to pretty much trust no one. They never burdened me with the detail, though I realised their directions were serious. Above all else, I understood that bad things could happen. These early warnings served me well, as I grew and the reality of stranger danger became more apparent to me. My parent's overly cautious approach has certainly armed me with a fiercely protective stance on educating my children from a young age.

Last weekend, the boys and I were enjoying our morning at the beach, when a sweet little boy came over to play with us. Captivated by our array of colourful toys splayed across the sand, he plonked himself down in the middle of it all. His parents were no more than 5 metres away and within moments, I was chatting away to his Mama. Also a Mama of two boys, we exchanged stories and experiences, as you do. It didn't take long for Angus and his new playmate to begin running around like a couple of crazed puppies. Then the little boy ran to his sunbaking Dad and flopped onto his back. To my complete shock (and red faced embarrassment) so did Angus! There was my son laying all over a man who was essentially, a complete stranger. So many things wrong with that picture.

We all had a laugh, mine more of a nervous giggle and the little boy's Dad took it really well. Thank goodness, because it had to be a tad awkward for him too. Particularly as Angus ignored ALL of my pleas to leave the poor guy alone. He simply didn't see a problem with it... because in his eyes, his new friend was doing it, so where was the harm. This incident really started me thinking. Up until now, I haven't needed to cross this stranger danger bridge. My boys are with me or their Dad or their grandparents. And that's about it. But in just over a year, Angus starts school and the awareness needs to be there. This one is going to be a tough one I feel. Trust is an integral part of a person's makeup. It is important to be trustworthy, but also to have trust in others. Teaching trust to a human being, can't be easy. Teaching MY human being when and when not to have trust may prove to be one of the greatest challenges I'll face as a Mama. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Beach Boys

Ahh, that is what we've been waiting for. Thirty. two. degrees. Bright sunshine. Gentle breeze. Low humidity. Water temperature of 17.5, not quite the mild tides of Summer, but beautifully refreshing nonetheless. Yes, the perfect cocktail of conditions for our first dip of the season. Our last couple of beach jaunts were a bit of a tease. Each time, it's been a strictly sandy affair. The outside temperature needs to be sizzling hot at this time of year, to counteract that chilly aqua. So today, the boys enjoyed the complete beach experience. And I enjoyed watching them.

Racing around, chasing, dodging, tempting waves to bowl them over. Gazing long, as each one formed and rolled into shore. The anticipation, excitement and thrill on their little faces... just utterly priceless. Cruising the sand in their rashies. Angus, tall and lean in his. Felix, plump and juicy in a hand me down from Angus' size 1 wardrobe. I'm not sure how much longer he will be able to squeeze into it. Though I am not too bothered, all those fleshy rolls are simply irresistible. On days like these, my obsession with photography takes hold. I adore every single shot. On days like these, I couldn't be happier and as tiring as taking two energetic fellows to the beach is, I will never tire of doing it. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

iHeart iTunes

I do enjoy a nice laid back Sunday. Today had the potential to be anything but, with Scott needing to go into the office for a few hours (on. a. SUNDAY!). Then, Felix refusing to nap beyond 45 minutes, after a busy morning at the park. But before I knew it, I was ignoring the floors that could do with a good go over and turning a blind eye to the basket of washing waiting to be folded. And instead, singing at the top of my lungs and grooving around the kitchen, with Angus on my hip... and back, he always loves an energetic piggy-back-dance. While Felix looked on jubilantly.

If there is one online money pit I should steer clear of, it's iTunes. But like a moth to a flame, I flit around, searching and listening and remembering all of those awesome tracks from the past and of course all the gems of the present. Then, with the click of a finger, the best part of 40 bucks is sitting in my 'purchased' folder, in the form of some shiny, new tunes. Because my oh my, purchasing music makes me smile. The iTunes concept is most certainly not lost on me. 

I have always derived much pleasure from creating compilation Cd's (or tapes as they were back in the day) of my favourite songs. So this afternoon, I put together another eclectic selection for playing in the car. What an interesting (if not quirky) mix of great artists on this one. From Foofighters to Lady GaGa, Cold Chisel to Sneaky Sound System, The Killers to James Reyne and a little bit of Adele, The Verve and Hunters & Collectors, thrown in for good measure. Eclectic, indeed.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Solo Saturdays

Most Saturday's, the boys and I fly solo, while Scott hits the golf course. He's a passionate golfer and I'm not, so it is definitely his thing. Although there are moments when I become a tad resentful of the many hours golf subtracts from our precious family time, they pass relatively quickly. Because I see how incredibly happy it makes Scott to play, compete, socialise and shake off the cobwebs after a long week in the office. He works hard and golf is his form of therapy. I appreciate that. And I honestly believe having separate interests keeps relationships healthy, it has worked that way for us over the past ten years.

Today, was a particularly nice solo Saturday around here. A stress free, almost enjoyable trip to the supermarket and green grocers. A session at the beach, working the sand whilst catching some rays. I am amazed how quickly Felix is growing. Watching him digging and experimenting, it's almost impossible not to capture those looks of concentration, shrieks of delight and displays of serious 'tude. We walked together in the warm sunshine and came home feeling tired, sticky and salt crusted. Then a pretty discovery as Angus and I raked and swept the backyard. My favourite bloom and resident creeper, has slithered it's way high up onto the fronds of our palm tree. Quite the sweet scented canopy adorning our little yard.