Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grateful for Creature Comforts

Three years ago in July, I had a really bad dose of the flu. Angus was 6 months old and it was when I first realised the enormity of motherhood. When we need to stop, babies won't. One of the things I remember so fondly was a gift my Mama gave me during those weeks of illness. My first pair of Ugg Boots. Seems strange that I reached almost thirty years of age without owning a pair. I was hooked the minute I put them on. In fact, they are so well loved now, they're literally falling apart. I would replace them, but I am that attached to this particular set of Ugg's, I almost can't imagine parting with them. In the cooler months, they live on my feet when I'm at home. As soon as I'm in the door, shoes, boots, trainers come off... and Uggs are on deck!

Last July, my Mama came to stay with us the night before Felix was born. True to her style she arrived laden with presents for everyone. One of those presents was a beautiful, plush, feather soft dressing gown for me. Navy blue in colour. Simply perfect for a soon-to-be breast feeding Mama, in the middle of Winter. I did have a dressing gown, a towelling one that I have had for many years. I didn't even consider buying myself a new one for hospital and the months of feeding after the birth. But my Mama did. This snuggly treasure lives on my body (for more hours than I like to admit) when I am at home.

Beautiful fragrances are a weakness of mine. Over the years, I have sprayed and dabbed my way through scores of perfume bottles. In my twenties, I was known for having a bit of a fragrance obsession. And in my twenties, I could afford to feed such addiction. These days, the collection is more of a modest one. Though I do have my sights set on the next addition, Chanel Allure Sensuelle. Heaven in a bottle. During both pregnancies, even a whiff of perfume would turn my stomach. Funny how pregnancy can turn us off the things we normally can't get enough of.

This week I am grateful for all of these things. This week I am grateful for creature comforts. They make my days cosy. They soothe my mind, body and soul. I simply wouldn't be without them. Joining in over at Maxabella's to share some of that wonderful grateful spirit.


  1. I am glad that you have been able to find comfort in these things after having such a rough week. It is so true with babies around, there is never a time to have a break..hopefully a dad or a grandparent can ease the burden for a short while though..even an hour or two helps!

  2. Beautiful, snuggly post.
    I'm off to rummage in the back of the wardrobe for my neglected Uggs.

  3. I saw your uggs and went straight to get mine - love my worn out uggs ... best things ever!!

  4. love this post. I adore my uggs, with a cup of tea in hand...bliss!

    I wanted to say thanks for popping by my space to leave lovely comments. You have directed me back to here and I have enjoyed my Sunday morning have a peek back at your past posts.


  5. Love your uggs - they are definately better when worn in like yours! Like a hUGG for your feet! My husband had a pair that he had for over 20 years! They were dreadful in their dying days. We literally had to give them a funeral service when they got replaced!

    Great perfumes too.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  6. Nice perfume collection!! I live in my uggs.. love them! Hope you had a good weekend. xx

  7. I loveto indulge myself in perfume. I don't bathe in it but I like to smell good. Makes me feel pretty even on days I don't.

  8. Hi lovely lady, just catching up from the weekend and enjoying some midweek gratefuls.

    I sure do love your list. Ugg boots are so great - and I do confess to living in mine the minute I'm home (and I do try and refrain from wearing them out of the house!). Your mum sounds so thoughtful with all those practical yet useful gifts.

    And perfume? Isn't it such a luxury these days? I have one lonely bottle on my counter because I use one up fully before hinting to hubby that it's time for some more. He usually waits for an international trip to buy some duty free. But your collection does make me a little envious ;) xx


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