Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Brother!

Last night Angus and I had a rather amusing conversation. We seem to have been invaded by a plague of moths over the past couple of months. Mainly confined to the kitchen, but they have still managed to ruin many an unopened packet of food in my cupboards. Extremely frustrating. I'm being driven to the brink of madness by them actually. To the extent that I have forked out a significant amount of cash, on a range of Tupperware containers... gotta love that air tight seal!

Anyway, Angus was close by my side, as he is most nights when I'm cleaning up the kitchen, when a rogue moth flew straight at my face. As I smacked at it (and let fly with a rather choice expletive... I know, mother of the year) I remarked how annoying moths are. Angus chimed in with the following list of things that are also "annoying".

First came Mosquitos. "Mozzies are annoying Mama". Yes, they are.
Next we had flies. "Flies are annoying Mama". Uh huh.
Then it was spiders. "Spiders are annoying Mama". Most definitely.
And who could forget cockroaches. "cock-o-roaches are annoying Mama". Yuck yeah!
He paused... thought for a moment... and then casually announced, "Felix is annoying Mama".

There it is. The knockout punch. After almost 9 months of getting to know his sweet little brother, Angus has no qualms about including baby Felix in the category of 'insect species'. I'm not sure which part I appreciate more. The fact that he was being stone. cold. serious when he said it or that he is so brutally honest when it comes to his feelings. Ah, brothers! 


  1. Ha ha, appreciate his honesty! When Zoe was 3 months old, Abbey (then aged 3.5) told me she did not want us to take Zoe home with us anymore - I was so proud she could articulate this feeling and gutted, all at the same time. But now they both ask for the other when one is missing, it is lovely to see. Soon they will be playing together really well, and it is a joy to watch.

  2. Heheheheheh! If only he could swat Felix off like a fly, huh? We're onto you now Angus!

    Sibling rivalry begins at birth, J, it really does. x

    PS - Pantry moths SUCK and are SO hard to get rid of. Good luck!! x

  3. Poor Felix. Isn't it in his younger brother job description to be annoying?

    PS. I once heard some helpful advice for ridding oneself of pantry moths: move house. (aargh).


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