Monday, March 7, 2011

Fantastic Plastic

It has been around for a while. Since the 1950's to be precise. The decades have been and gone. But this little beauty has managed to stand the test of time. The products have evolved, expanded and kept pace with the needs of it's advocates. It still carries the lifetime guarantee for quality. Yet for me, it has always expressly epitomised domesticity. Pure and simple. From my Nana, to my Mama, to me. It could even be for this reason, that I am a sucker for Tupperware. And. I. mean. sucker.

My earliest memory of Tupperware was a buttercup yellow jelly mould, complete with heart and star and tree shaped attachments. I would be so excited whenever Mama suggested we make a serving of jelly, using the Tup mould. The anticipation when we carefully peeled back the plastic shape, to reveal a mountain of sweet jelly with a pic on top! The snack cups, cake container and cooler jug are among other favourite items I can recall so well from Mama's 'plastic' kitchen cupboard. The colours were so vibrant (circa 1980's... so decidedly retro to boot) and enticing. The collection would get quite the workout by my friends and I, who loved the fact we were allowed to play 'house' using the contents of the Tup cupboard.

There are a few things that haven't changed all that much over the years. There always seems to be somebody in the circle of friends/family/workmates/neighbours, trying their hand at selling Tupperware. And if there aren't any sales demonstrators in the circle, there are sure to be born party hostesses, who simply love nothing more than to get their party on (and receive as much free stuff as possible). A good friend of mine has recently started selling again and naturally I wanted to support her first party back in the saddle. So guess where I spent my Sunday afternoon?!

I am still wooed by the excitement of a new piece of Tupperware. Mesmerised by the colours. Amazed at the number of products that perform functions I've never even thought of, let alone needed... yet I absolutely must have. In my kitchen. NOW! Although I definitely went along with my list, containing a few key items I required. Following 3 hours of gossip, giggles, an eye-catching display of wares AND a fascinating preso, I sheepishly left with a healthy order of fantastic plastic to add to my very own collection.
(Note: I did not purchase every piece from the attractive display below... phew!)

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  1. I still remember that shape toy from when I was a kid.

    I've been meaning to buy it for Amelie for nostagic sake :)


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