Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am constantly amazed at how cheap and simple trinkets seem to bring such joy and amusement, for so many hours, to my children. All children, for that matter. Earlier in the week, Angus was rifling through a stash of odds and ends on the kitchen bench and came to me with something that had caught his eye. It was actually a left over from the prizes collection I'd put together for his party back in January (let's just say I'm a little 'behind' on my filing). A small, clear plastic egg, containing a miniature stegosaurus figurine, entombed in bright, blue, slime.

The interest in the little dinosaur lasted approximately 17 seconds. Once Angus saw just what this slime could do, he was captivated. Granted, the first few touches caused him to squirm and squeal... yes, squeal! My big, tough boy. But for the duration of this week, the fascination with this 'blue jelly' as he has dubbed it, has entertained him for as long as I have allowed it to. I can only take so much of stretching, twisting, hurling, bouncing, blue slime (or jelly) around the house. It has, however, brought a great deal of pleasure to me also. Watching his face light up at this wondrous substance.... of which might I add here, the consistency has improved out of sight since the slime in my day, which used to stick to and stain everything it came into contact with. Explains why my Mama was never too keen on us playing with it.

It has been nice to see him genuinely excited with something, after being quite unwell for the last couple of days and spending ALOT of time at home. I wouldn't have guessed that a random $3.95 purchase, over a year ago, that has been sitting in the cupboard ever since, could bring such fun and frivolity to my 3 year old big-boy. Yet it has.

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