Monday, March 14, 2011

Festival Fun

There is something intoxicating about a festival. Street fair. Local show. Whatever name it goes by. They're just downright fun. We went along to the annual 'Spot Festival' yesterday afternoon. Little family of four getting out and amongst it, in the magnificent Autumn sunshine. A film inspired theme was felt throughout, with The Australian Film Festival and Randwick Ritz Cinema being the force behind the whole production. And of course, all the usual trimmings of a community festival.

Market stalls dotted along the streets... usually bustling with traffic. Entertainment on stage for the duration. An absolute plethora of mouth watering international food stalls providing a feast for the senses. The incredible Spanish, Turkish and Indian aromas, among others, blended together, teasing our taste buds as we meandered through the streets. Angus made the most of the free jumping castle in Kid's Corner. While Felix slept soundly in his pram, the entire time we were there.

I know it can't be festival time EVERY weekend, though I do love Sundays like these. Being there lifted my dark mood right out of the depths it has at times plunged to, over the past week. All the long days and sleepless nights filled with sickness and tears, we've experienced so regularly of late. The miserable thought of those moments didn't even scrape the surface, during an afternoon of festivity, together, on our local streets, just a stone's thrown from our doorstep. 

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