Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's written in the sky

Such a splendid day today. Brilliant sunshine. Refreshing breeze. A calm and warmth, only felt in the Autumn months. One of those 'gift from above' days. I have been churning through the washing this week. Busily at it, like a soldier ant, running loads, pegging clothes, sorting and folding pile, upon pile, of fresh. crisp. washing. Ahhh, bliss.

The parks have also received a substantial work out so far this week. Yesterday, we had a great catch up at a brand new park (always interesting checking out the wares) with my mother's group. Five mama's. Nine kidlets. It was actually alot more fun than it sounds. It's been quite some time since we've caught up with the kids in tow, always hard to organise with varying days of preschool etc. We're more into the 'Mama's night out' kind of catch up these days anyway. Though it was still nice to have a totally-broken-shout-across-the-swings-squillion-interruptions-type-of-conversation. The kidlets also had a ball in their own little worlds and it was heart warming to watch them interact.

Today we managed two park visits. An old fave in the morning and the local park, in our street, this afternoon. There is just something about this weather that makes you want to lap up every second of park goodness... while it lasts. We witnessed a rather curious declaration above the Coogee basin, whilst playing in the park this morning. I wonder who it was meant for? And was the recipient even looking at the time? Due to a fairly strong wind, the sentiment didn't last long. No sooner had the industrious little sky writer finished off the last letter of 'baby'... the 'miss u' was disappearing into the ether. Like a puff of smoke. It was gone. I guess you couldn't ask for much more, when your message is written in the sky...

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  1. I hope whoever that message was meant for saw it.




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