Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The power of a shower

Those first couple of months after the birth of (both) my boys, I loved nothing more than a long, hot shower. It delivered such therapeutic, even healing, properties for me. The harrowing few weeks after Angus was born especially, as he was a January baby and suckling newborns like to stick close, regardless of the outside temperature. I can remember feeling instantly revitalised as soon as I turned on the taps (at times these showers were so lengthy, my skin shrivelled beyond prune status, to a white, pulpy consistency). I used to enjoy long showers pre-motherhood, mainly when I wasn't feeling the best. But they used to serve more as a functional exercise, than a treat.

These days, I can not get enough of the shower. If I could conduct my entire life from the shower... I would. Kramer style (as in 'The Shower Head' episode of Seinfeld... with the exception of preparing meals of course, hygiene people!). Although it isn't always the sanctuary I'd like it to be, with Angus making it his business to know exactly what I am washing and how much longer it will take to do it. Most days, I do manage to indulge in a completely private affair and it's a part of the day I certainly look forward to eagerly. 

Today I have felt crappy. Just all round yuck-O. I felt tired, due to a 5 hour stint in Angus' room last night, settling the poor little guy. He is sick AGAIN, with his umpteenth bug, infection, whatever non-descript type of malady it is that children seem to contract the split second they start preschool for the first time. My misshapen stomach, always on my mind of late. The Ab Circle Pro appears to take a little longer to develop those 'rock hard' abs I was hoping for. Who would have thought?! Maybe a little more patience is required on my part, of which I don't really have at the best of times. It might have been the muggy, bordering on oppressive, weather we had today. Or maybe the moon just isn't in my phase right now. I think I'll go with that. Though everything did look a little brighter this evening, post relaxing shower. Let it be said that the power of a shower, works a charm. every. time. 


  1. I used to love showers too, although during my pregnancies I pretty much lived in the bath! Now I just get quizzed about why I don't have a willy. He goes between being horrified and sympathetic - "Poo-oor Mummy"! (I maybe should explain that this is a 2 year old boy quizzing me... in case anyone was wondering!).
    Hope you get over all the bugs soon, nothing worse than sleep-deprivation.
    Sandra x

  2. I'm a huge fan of the shower also but I always get a little visitor in mine
    (mr 3) lol

  3. I know! My 3 year old boy always asks "are you washing your winky Mama?" When I explain that I don't have a winky, he says "but you have a bottom??"
    So cute how our little boys have no qualms when it comes to shower time... give it 5 years and I'm sure it will all be alot different!
    Thanks for the comments girls :o)


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