Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grease Monkey

I often wish we knew a mechanic. Out of all our family and friends, not one of them decided to walk the auto mechanic career path. How inconsiderate! We have a few carpenters, a builder or two, an accountant, electrician and financial planners all over the place. But no mechanics. There are two main reasons I would love to know someone in this trade. Firstly, because I think Grease Monkey is about the coolest nickname you can give a person, based on their chosen field. But probably more importantly, to get an upfront and honest opinion on whether I'm being completely and ludicrously duped, each and every time my car is in for any type of work.

My latest example of where a Grease Monkey friend/relo would have come in handy, happened today. About 3 months ago, a fine looking, smooth talking, british salesman knocked on our front door, selling a voucher style arrangement for a local autoshop. Now, I am normally a "thanks-very-much-but-no-thanks" kinda gal when it comes to door-to-door sales. But on this particular day, I would describe myself as a tad vulnerable. House a pigsty. Christmas just around the corner. Hot, muggy day. The boys all scatty. AND most notably, I was actually looking for a new mechanic. I gave the dealership where we bought my car the big flick some years back and the mechanic I had been using, was just a logistic nightmare. So this voucher appeared to be a good idea and if nothing else, it would introduce me to a convenient, local mechanic. Win win. Sort of.

Well today I learnt it might be best if I stick to being content with the "if nothing else" part. I wouldn't say they did a number on me. But, as many things are in life, the voucher deal wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Who knew the parts for a service, a couple of new tyres and pink slip would be quite so... expensive... even with my special voucher in hand. As far as I can tell, they did do a fair job though. After 14 years of owning cars, you'd think I might have caught on by now. There is no such thing as a 'great deal', in the Grease Monkey jungle.

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  1. How true! We don't have one either but lucky for me the Dear One has reasonably good instincts with things mechanical. So difficult to know sometimes - and how I hate being ripped off. I'm a word of mouth kinda gal. I just keep asking around until someone recommends me someone good.


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