Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bubba's Midnight Burger Barn

Back in the day, around the time when Scott and I first started going out, I used to wear a bright green singlet. It was one of my faves. It carried a graphic on the front, of an American style diner, with a slogan that read: "Bubba's Midnight Burger Barn... We serve it up hot all night long!" Suggestive much?? Hmmm, maybe it didn't strike me that way... back then.

Anyway, Scott, being the tongue in cheek stirrer he always has been, used to hassle me as to where this elusive Burger Barn was. Yes. cheeky! It wasn't long before I was dubbed THE Midnight Burger Barn. Scott's nickname for me happens to be Bubba/or Bubs and indeed I do make a mean hamburger. So the title has stuck ever since. Sure, the super slim-line, brilliant green singlet doesn't quite fit the bod these days. Let's face it, I don't wear it anymore and feel it might take a small miracle to ever slip back into it again. But I'm not throwing it out, just yet. Afterall, it has a bit of nostalgia about it and a soft spot in my heart.

So tonight, the burger barn was in full swing. Whilst I'm a bit over the whole cooking business of late, I do enjoy rustling up a tasty burger. With the works. I decided not to capture my amateur work of art however and instead, acknowledge this beast of a thing. Made here in our area, by a local hamburger shop, where they seem to enjoy producing giant burgers. Yep! They broke the record for the world's biggest hamburger in June of last year. And while the one below is a slightly smaller version, she's still a beauty! This was on display at the festival we went to on Sunday and it is EVERY bit real. Kind of makes you wonder, what possesses people?! Bubba's Midnight Burger Barn is certainly no match for the likes of this.


  1. Now that is a burger! I love me a good burger! x

  2. Wowzers. That's one BIG hamburger!!

    And, definitely don't throw out the green tee! You could even frame it!?? :p


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