Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tears for a prince

Sitting on the lounge this morning, feeding Felix his bottle, I caught a snippet of the Sunrise show. It is nothing special to see a story, or a doco or an entire program dedicated to William and Kate at the moment. They're everywhere. On every channel. Across network and Foxtel. The world appears to have gone mad in a flurry of pre-royal wedding excitement. I must admit, it is difficult not to be swept up by it all. My inner sticky beak and love of weddings/fashion/all things pretty, is quietly busting to be released... and it will be, come next Friday evening. I'll be watching, along with millions around the world, as a piece of royal history is made.

But one thing I haven't anticipated or prepared myself for, are my emotions surrounding this event. Those damn Mama hormones, that seem to crop up every time there is a mention of marriage and children. Love and loss. Mama's and sons. So this morning, as I watched a 3 minute segment, specifically focusing on William and his life journey to this point, I cried. Until today, I hadn't considered that the young prince will be marrying his beautiful princess, without his Mama there to share the moment. The thought of this makes me so sad. Thanks Sunrise, for bringing it to my attention at this point, I'm sure I would have cried buckets throughout the wedding anyway. But I'm now reminded of the added significance of William and Kate's special day. 

I suppose it's every mother's fear, that they may not be around to see their children grow up, marry, start their own families. I know for sure, it is one of mine. I try not to dwell on it and if it ever springs to mind, I quickly push it way back to the dark recesses, where it belongs. Poor Diana, she missed out on so much. She was a wonderful mother, who adored her boys. As the story wound up, a comment was made about how Diana would be there, at the wedding, looking proudly down on them. Not quite the ending I needed to hear, with my already tear stained cheeks, heavy heart and my little boys sitting by my side.


  1. *hug*
    i've been thinking about Diana through all this - mostly cause HE looks so much like HER
    we need to have a royal wedding watching party! ;)

  2. I'm like you Julie, pushing those thoughts away... but... my father died many years ago and I wish I had more of him to hold onto... so, enough of those thoughts remain that I write prolifically so that my girls have a chunk of me that will talk to them always. gxo

  3. Me too! I lost my Dad at 19 and I worry about what would happen to my girls if something happened to me. Makes me V sad :( Must be a mummy thing to worry about such things!

  4. Oh i've always been a cry baby at weddings, i just love being married, the happiness & joy, family & events. That said, of the last dozen weddings i've been to, only 2 have been with my husband as he's always away, so there i am, blubbering away with happy tears, only i look like a spinster. At least i have a great anti-pick up rememdy "i can't come out with you after the wedding, i have to let my babysitter go for my 4 children". Da dah!!
    I do understand where you're coming from - i lost my mother-in-law while pregnant with my first, so she hasn't met 8 of her grandchildren. But seeing i have 3 girls in my mix, i hope they stick to the 'girls visit their mums' routine, as i hear mums with boys kind of miss out. I hope i like my son's wife??!! Love Posie


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