Friday, March 4, 2011

One month on...

So this week has marked one month since Angus started preschool. We made it through the first month! Quite the achievement for all of us. When I think back to that first week. The first day. The orientation. I am so relieved that in fact everyone was right. It does get easier. Slowly, but surely, we have formulated our (semi) routine and it works for Angus, which in turn works for me. I am still one of the last parents to drop off and one of the first to pick up. But again, it is working for all involved.

Preschool has certainly already provided many wonderful enhancements to my big boy's development. He is making friends. All. by. himself. He even has a girlfriend. Already! He had spoken of her early on and we assumed it was a name he had just remembered. It has since been confirmed to me by one of his teachers, who tells me that Angus & April are inseparable (April, how cute... and she IS cute!) He comes home with stories about his teachers, his lessons and other children. He has learnt to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' in French. And the artwork. Oh, the artwork. At this stage I am relishing every abstract scribble on the page. Sure, there probably will come a time when I'll happily 'file' them away in a recycling style setup. But for now, they fill me with pride and are a visual reminder of how far my big boy has come.

My days, sans Angus, have also started to take shape. I find myself utilising every minute of those two days per week, to fit in catchups with friends or family. To get tedious, administrative type chores out of the way and to devote a little of the time, to working on me. Long walks on the beach or at the park are out of the question when I've got two boys to tow around, but with just the one babe in pram, it's a piece of cake. Then before we know it, Felix and I are heading back to collect our favourite preschooler. Doesn't it just melt my heart each and every time I walk through the gate and see his cheeky, sweet face light up when he first notices me. Only matched by the reaction on both my boys faces when they see each other again, after being apart for the day. It is love, love, LOVE. And in that instant, I couldn't be happier. 

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