Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daydream Believer

I found myself involved in a fair amount of daydreaming today. Daydreaming about when the household will finally be rid of this nasty, contemptible virus running through it. Poor Felix has also been struck down with it. Give me strength. Give me strength. Daydreaming about just how awesome it would be not to have to cook meals. ever. Well I wouldn't mind occasionally, only when I choose to, that is. Enter my daydream about having a personal chef. On hand, in our home, at least say, four out of every seven days. I'd even clean up the kitchen afterwards with a smile. Reasonable? It's hardly greedy.

Then I received a random phone call, which set my cloudy, fanciful mind off into a whole other dimension of daydreams. Of the holiday kind. About 2 years ago, we stayed at a lovely retreat in Port Stephens. It was a nice, family getaway, with a pre-toddling Angus. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the stay, as it was well before the onset of terrible two's and other such dramas. Anyway, the chirpy and mildly persistent lady, on the other end of the line today, offered me a *special deal*. Only offered to previous patrons of the retreat. So on and so forth. It was all a bit spur of the moment and I am the kinda gal who likes to mull things over somewhat before committing. So I politely requested if I may be able have a think about it... (re. do the sums on whether I see it as good value)Of course, the lady was obliging and is calling me back tomorrow to see if I would like to go ahead.

Well, think about it, I have. I haven't stopped thinking about holidays/holiday destinations/deals/specials/inclusions, since. It's turned my daydream state into a state of preoccupation. I'm leaning towards taking the offer. It does measure up and it will come in handy to have a mini-break stored in the pipeline. It has been almost 18 months since we travelled anywhere. Though all the while I can't help envisaging my true 'dream' destinations, The Maldives or The Greek Islands or if money were no option, both. For the moment, I think these will remain just that. Daydreams.


  1. Is that holiday really 2 years ago? I remember you taking that! DO IT. Go on. Although, know that it means you will be doing all the same shit just in a different location with less toys and distractions and different beds. Still sounds appealing? DO IT.

    Um. Did I tell you that Rob and I are going to Bali for 8(!) nights in May without the girls. I know. I can't even blog about it yet. It's TOO much. I might even have sex!

  2. Oh yes, have children, will travel. Just brought back a funny story . . we conceived our twins in Kakadu on a week long holiday at the Gagadju Hotel (shaped like a crocodile) which was always a fun story until our eldest realised she was in the hotel room when it happened!! Tee hee, love Posie

  3. @Beth, you paint a rosy picture, thanks lady ;o) And noooo how the hell did you manage an 8 night rendezvous in another country with your man?? You might even have sex?? My dear, you might even make baby no. 3! ;o)
    @Posie, hahaha, too funny! You would have years of torment left to play out with that story. Just don't be surprised if she hits you up for the therapy bills down the track ;o)

  4. oh so want to be at any of those two places right now!
    relaxing on the beach cocktail in hand.

  5. How I would love a good holiday! :D


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