Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Helloooo Autumn!

As much as it tried to give the impression it was striving to be drab, miserable and grey. The first day of Autumn turned out to be quite the contrast. At least it was in my little part of the world. A sultry heat to kickstart the season, coupled with good strong winds, made for dream run clothes drying conditions. Then for a few hours in the afternoon, a brilliant display of sunshine. I lost count of the number of dragon flies and butterflies I saw darting and flickering around the place. A gorgeous sight to behold, but SO incredibly difficult to capture a shot of. Damn it! 

So instead, I opted to shoot a few snaps of the ever impressive Coogee Beach. I never seem to tire of photographing this location. Maybe because it is perpetually changing appearance and has particularly stunning angles. A scene for every season. For every mood. The boys and I wandered on down to the park for some afternoon amusement and a necessary recharge. I am often reminded of just how lucky we are to live in this majestic area. Today was no exception. 
Hello Coogee in Autumn! How you doin'? 


  1. Fab photos! Makes me feel like a dip in the ocean.

  2. And I'll be seeing it very soon. Coogee I will be with you in 2 weeks! Great shots.


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