Saturday, March 12, 2011

This week I'm Grateful

It's been a rather testing week, with my eldest little-big-man being struck down with, what would seem, a flu of sorts. Currently we're awaiting tests to confirm yay or nay on the dreaded whooping cough. So the latter part of this week has been decidedly blaaah.

I do however, have many things to be grateful for and what better way to pick myself up than to acknowledge a few of them... thank you lovely Maxabella, for providing the source of inspiration (especially this week):

A Happy Home - When one of the troops is down for the count, it becomes more apparent than ever how important a roof over our heads is. We have spent most days this week hauled up at home. I couldn't imagine how difficult these times would be if we didn't have a home AND a very happy one at that.

Electricity - Because until you are forced to manage without it, over a 4 hour period, in the evening... you don't even begin to realise just how much you need it, depend on it and miss it like crazy! 

Sunshine... BRILLIANT sunshine! - The earlier half of this week graced us with a couple of sparkling sunny days, which always makes me feel more alive,  energetic and satisfied. If for no other reasons, than it provides the perfect environment for air drying the mountains of washing we create AND it makes our park play sessions, so immensely pleasant and enjoyable.


  1. A few months ago I was on a deadline for a load of recipes and there was a power cut. It was an absolute nightmare but a good reminder of how lucky I am to (normally) have a steady supply of it. Glad you emerged unscathed :)

  2. Oh yes, things have gotten worse or dare i use the pun, gone nuclear!! My husband was just asked at work if he is a Japanese linguist (no, he's not) as they need to send action men who speak Japanese to go help. Love Posie

  3. I hope your little big man is ok!

    I too am enjoying some sunshine and should take a leaf out of your book and fill my clothes line.


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