Monday, March 28, 2011

Short Break

It is hard to describe how much I enjoyed the last few days. We decided to take advantage of a 'too good to refuse' offer, for two night's accommodation, at a cottage retreat in Salamander Bay. A place we have stayed at previously and one we will almost certainly stay at again. Being our first getaway since Felix was born, the change of scenery felt so refreshing, even if only a short break. I didn't take one phone call. Send one text message. Nor did I touch the internet once... no laptop in the luggage helped. Just my boys and I. Perfection.

We talked and laughed and played. Took leisurely drives through the 'Blue Water Paradise', as it is so aptly named. Ate dinner out in Port Stephens both nights... and altogether, such a rarity. Slept in and hungrily tucked into deliciously naughty breakkies. Made the most of the pool right outside our cottage door. Everything at our own pace and with no restrictions on our time. 

We even managed to spend a half day at a local fun park. Let's just say Nelson Bay's version of DisneyLand... otherwise known as "DizzyLand", was every bit as piss weak as it's title suggests. Though it was very memorable and boy! did Scott and I share a few (hundred) laughs. Braving wind and rain to get there, only to have Angus throw a substantial pink fit over the pirate ship ride (or DizzyLand's version of the pirate ship) the minute we set foot inside. But after some coaxing and encouragement, he began happily flitting from ride to ride, like a bumble bee in a daisy patch. While Scott and I were content to watch him having a ball. 

It almost sounds silly to say, but I think spending the weekend together, as a family, without any of life's usual distractions, rekindled the spark in all of us. It's easy to become wound up in the daily grind, as both Scott and I tend to do. Every so often I think we need to stop, step back and appreciate the unique qualities each of us bring to the table. Individually and as a family. This weekend, we did just that.

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  1. Wow - looks fabulous!! I'm loving those swings in the last photo. :O)


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