Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Growing Pains

Unfortunately I'm not referring to the 1980's sitcom kind of growing pains. Rather the type that take a perfectly delightful, happy, wee babe and make him a miserable, howling, clingy mess. Felix cut his third tooth today. Much like the first two, it popped up without a great deal of warning (other than the incessant flow of dribble). One thing is for sure, once they've sprouted, the little blighters inflict some intense discomfort on my sweet cherub. 

It was a long, exasperating, slog of a day. A tantrum here and there, plenty of sibling jealousy and lots and lots of tears. But, we made it through. Just. This kind of day has a habit of occurring whenever Scott is working late (or working later than usual that is). However, (and dare I say this too loud for fear of repercussion the next time he's not here at bedtime) the boys often settle better and a little earlier when Scott isn't here. There, I've said it. Sometimes I think the excitement of time spent with Daddy, is just all too much for the little fellas.

Something that does make me smile at the end of a day like today, is seeing these picci's, snapped yesterday afternoon, on our park adventure. I thought it was time to introduce Felix to the baby swing, which he has been eyeing off longingly the last few times we've been at the park. The first couple of minutes were pure joy and laughter, for all of us. The next couple, not so much. For Angus in particular, who flew into an unprovoked rage over why Felix should "not be in the swing anyway Mama". Topped off with shrieks of "get him out" noisily reverberating throughout the playground. I guess it's true that growing pains take shape in many forms, at various stages. 

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  1. good thing you got a happy snap before big angus caught the green eyes again ;) xx


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