Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Weekends

I've always loved a big weekend. The anticipation and excitement leading up. Decisions on outfits, makeup and just what to do with the hair! Then the actual weekend. The fun. laughs. food. drinks. memories created with family and friends. Oh, I love a big weekend, it's just these days, I can't back them up quite so well as I used to. In fact these days, two nights out, in a row, is enough to wreck me for the week ahead.

Friday, was 'ladies night' and our bubbly party of five hit a super cool little cafe by day/wine bar by night, in Darlinghurst. Owned by the friends of one of my friends I was out with. And it was the nicest, most enjoyable evening for us all. An array of tasty plates, including an interesting take on the more traditional bruschetta. DE. licious. The wine was also flowing and as seems to be the case of late, the bulk of the intake was left to just two of us. The others, designated responsible adults for the evening and driving. Oh well, two of us certainly made the most of our lot

Saturday night, was a very special occasion. My baby niece's 21st birthday party. Having 8 nieces and 8 nephews has made me a busy aunty, since the age of 9. I love them all so dearly, like they are my own children. We have stayed close right through their lives and I am now revelling in the celebrations of their 18ths, 21sts, engagements, weddings AND even a babe... due in August. Wowzers! That will make me a great-aunty. Something about that word 'great' preceding anything, makes it sound old. Cringe. So a night of dancing and hilarity ensued, as I caught up with 5 of my 6 brothers, my sis-in-laws, my parents and of course, my nieces and nephews. Ahhh, to be 21 again! If nothing else, it would give me more energy after weekends like the one I've just had.

The days in between had their own hectic rhythm. Keeping the boys calm and happy, so they would behave for their daddy in the evening. Daddy himself, trotting off to golf on Saturday and the footy on Sunday. Thank heavens for park play dates with friends, don't they just make the world go round... or a mother's world as it may be?! A shock hysterical display by Felix on Saturday evening just as I was about to step out the door, threatened to bring the good work undone. But all he needed was some gentle coaxing by mama, before properly settling in and sleeping the night away, as did his big brother. Now... for a weekend to recover from my weekend. 

Caffe Quattro Passi - A little treasure on Liverpool St. 

This old aunty can still rip up the floor with the 21 year olds ... and dancing with my adorable parents had to be the highlight of my night.


  1. What a fun weekend!! You look like you had an absolute ball. I'm jealous x

  2. Looks like fun old lady. SHUT UP did you know that I used to live 3 doors down from that cafe in Liverpool St? Just down Yurong Street. It's where the love began for Roberto and myself!

  3. I love seeing a dancing J in its natural habitat!! x

  4. So totally cool, what a great night!! We have 19 neices & nephews, they're the coolest, i'm still considered the young, cool auntie, yippee.
    Check out your parents on the dance floor, i love it. I always threaten my children if they don't leave a party (where there is dancing) when i collect them, i'll dance, oh yes, i'll dance over to them so they all know who has THAT mother. Love Posie


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