Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wave Watching

I have one word for this week. HECTIC. It seems the days have whizzed by at the speed of light right under my nose. In a few instances, I have literally needed to stop. breathe. think. my next step through. The old head in a whirling twirling state of dizziness. 

Yesterday, in particular, was a marathon effort. Washing. Cleaning. Cooking (I even had Scott's dinner ready by 10.30am)... Oh! and of course being Mama to 2 boys. It always pays to be organised during the day, when I'm heading out to dinner with the gals. Last night we did tapas in Balmain. Then, still feeling rather peckish (I find Spanish often does that to me) we sauntered on down the road for a cheeky gelato and coffee (a little more of the gelato than coffee for me!) Plenty of chatter. Laughs. And even a touch of counselling... quite the standard practice on our night's out.

We continue to wade through some challenging times. Our little family of four. Angus is a delight and a demon, in the same breath. He is still not entirely 'down' with the preschool gig. Wavering from enthusiastic to downright apathetic in a matter of minutes. It is confusing. It is tiring. It is upsetting. I accept that it is totally normal however and all part of the journey. I know we simply need to ride it out.

Actually, I'm constantly amazed by him. We shared some quality time alone together yesterday. While Felix napped in his pram. He was keen to go to the park, initially. Though I could tell by his mood once we were there, he yearned to be somewhere else. The ocean swell had caught his eye, as we walked down the coastal path on the way to the park. We stopped to look at the waves crashing onto the rocks below. "I just want to watch the waves Mama" he kept repeating the whole time we were at the park. In all honesty, I knew precisely how he felt. They were mighty impressive. Moments such as this, fill my heart with endless joy. I gaze at my boy and see an inquisitive, bright, mature little man. 
Then on the way home in the car, he flipped his lid over Felix "looking" at him in a way he's not comfortable with... and I'm reminded that indeed he is only three.

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