Saturday, March 19, 2011

This week I'm Grateful

I really have a hoard of things to be grateful for... every week... but it's kinda fun picking a few that top the list. So without further ado, joining in with Maxabella to deliver my greatest gratefuls this week:

Rockmelon - Is there anything sweeter? Honestly?? When they coined the phrase 'nature's candy'... in my eyes, they were talking about rockmelon. I love this time of year, as every rockmelon I buy tastes exceptionally delicious. Maybe it's the luck of the draw or it could be years of practice, at selecting the tastiest rockmelons... and I have learnt some hard lessons along the way, nothing more disappointing than taking home an inferior melon. I am ever so grateful for this juicy shot of Vitamins A and C.

Children's Panadol - My boys have both been unwell this week. Actually it's almost two weeks since the virus entered our household, this week they each hit rock bottom. In one of many desperately helpless conversations with my Mama, I asked her just how she coped when my brothers and I were little. Seven children, no panadol to speak of and just as many horrible, frightening, lingering viruses to deal with. Her response (and probably the only one she could give), "it was damned hard". Damned hard is right. I am grateful beyond words this week for panadol. This cherry vanilla elixir, soothes my poor babies at the height of a burning fever and eases their Mama's overwhelming anguish at the same time.

A seat with a view - A perfectly positioned bench seat along the picturesque Coogee to Bondi coastal walk. A favourite pit stop of mine when I'm traipsing up and down the coastline, with babe in pram. It overlooks a local icon, known as Wedding Cake Island (essentially a large group of rocks off the coast of Coogee). After several kilometres of pounding the pavement it is a welcome sight and mildly therapeutic to boot. 
I am always grateful for this beautiful scene and thought I would acknowledge it this week in particular.


  1. Gorgeous view, we were at Coogee last trip to Sydney as my husband wanted to take the children to a proper beach (my local childhood northern beaches aren't proper ones apparently) he was raised in the inner city. Anyway, children had a ball. Love Posie

  2. Rockmelon - nom nom nom! They are delish! Hope your boys are feeling well soon. Blaah to sickness in the house - and I join you in being thankful for children's panadole - it can be such a godsent :) Caz

  3. I am loving Rockmelon at the moment too, we can't get enough of it!
    Thank you for your gorgeous comments on my blog on Thursday, it put such a huge smile on my face.
    Have a lovely week, Cat.

  4. I do hope your boys are feeling better by now.
    Its no fun at all having sickies in the house.
    And I am so jealous of your pit stop. I would love to pick up our farm and plonk it closer to the beach.


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