Sunday, May 20, 2012


Scott and I had a secret task to get through this weekend. And yesterday, we weren't too confident that it would come off. Scott's little brother is turning thirty and his lovely girlfriend Nat decided to organise a surprise party to mark the occasion. But being a part of the decoy plan to lure him to the venue, the pressure was on. As is always the case with these schemes, there were a string of happenings that added to the stress and excitement. Scott did a fabulous job of keeping Andy occupied over numerous beers and a couple of footy matches at the pub. Then when it was go time, he actually did look surprised. I'm never too sure just how genuinely oblivious people are when it comes to a surprise party... but he played the part well if he did suspect something.

I have been feeling decidedly dusty today. It was a top night, with warm, funny characters and plenty of tasty nibbles and drinks that went down nice and easy. A funky little location too, which complimented the upbeat mood perfectly. Hard to believe the teenager I met twelve years ago, is now in his thirties. Happy days young Anders!


  1. I get a headache after one glass these days. Clearly out of practice! Looks like a great night!

  2. I rememeber my friends having a suprise party for me when I was 14....I fell in the pool they gave me such a fright! So glad you pulled it off!

  3. Brilliant!!
    I looooove surprises - but the pressure not to blab nearly kills me. Well done!
    Hope you feel less shady by tomorrow!
    :-) xx

  4. Love it! Looks like a fabulous night and by the look on his face it appears you pulled it off.
    Ahhh, we had a similar weekend where my man and I agreed 'it is getting harder and harder to bounce back the next day'.

    Hope you have a lovely week.


  5. Gosh has anyone mentioned how much your boys look like their uncle!!! Good job on the surprise, even if they do play along with it.!!!x

  6. Good Job Scotty running decoy!
    Glad it went off well J and you Guys are looking good!

  7. Well done keeping it quiet, it is not easy! Sounds like you had a fabulous night!


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