Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Knowing the limit

In usual style, I was running late for a catch up with friends today. No disasters getting ready or tantrums to slow me down, just sometimes organising 2 little big men and 1 Mama is an effort in itself. Approaching the Anzac Bridge, I changed lanes to overtake a bus struggling to make it up the rise. At the last moment I noticed a police officer standing to the side of the road, speed gun pointing straight at me. I quickly glanced at the speedo. I was doing about 68. For the remainder of the way to our destination, I tortured myself with a number of questions. Rationalised the outcome, if I have been booked and kept telling myself that it's not the worst thing in the world if I have. I guess the overwhelming question... what exactly was the speed limit along that section of road?  

My friend and I had a good catch up. The kids played perfectly. The babies slept peacefully. Then a story she told me started me thinking about limits again. Her sister-in-law recently had a major meltdown. She is the Mama of 3 little boys. Has a husband who works long hours and likes to enjoy 'his' time when he's not at work. One night, she scared herself with a reaction she made towards her middle boy. He hadn't been sleeping and they were both beside themselves with exhaustion. So with that, she packed a bag and told her husband she needed a night away. She checked herself into a hotel, had dinner, drank wine and slept the night in peace. It was in no means a solution to her situation and probably not something she will repeat too often. I was impressed by her self awareness in knowing when she had reached her limit. Who knows what someone is capable of once they reach that place. 

Angus and Lilly are kindred spirits. I have said this a million times. Born 10 weeks apart and best of mates from the start. When Lilly is not in sight, Angus needs to know why? and where? and who with? The feeling is mutual on Lilly's part. So they played and played, in a fabulous indoor play centre (those places are heaven sent for parents, hooray!) and their Mama's babbled and laughed. Until both 3 year olds had reached their limit. A limit that is so crystal clear and obvious to detect. If only all limits in life were as easy to recognise.


  1. Oh yes, i watch Army wives crack & explode past their limit, i have to say, really glad i don't drink, as i know many do, too much, that is just the tip of the iceberg of some ways of coping with our husbands away. I found babies (4 under 4.5 years) much easier than this stage - 4 tweenagers. I have created lovely bedrooms which they like to go to & my studio, we have space. It's a long 3 years without my husband at all, but we'll get through it together, lots of practise. I never did those indoor playgrounds, my children need a lot of space to run, run & run some more. It's worked out well, they're all great runners.
    Wishing you well with that speed gun, hardly hooning & yes, annoying when you have no clue what the speed limit was, i go through about 20 different speed changes to get to school, it's insane. Heavy city traffic tends to keep me under 50 ready for the 40 zones, it's eye peeled for speed signs though!! Love Posie

  2. All the best with the speeding .... I got myself a one recently...

    Good on your friends sister-in-law - I have contemplated that many a time!

  3. I've learned with time to make space for myself before reaching my limits. No one is going to give it to me. I have never done that. But geeze it's a great idea!

  4. You'll find me hiding behind the pantry door sometimes, gripping those moments of much-needed peace. A hotel room would be a much nicer place to chill... gxo

  5. I know exactly where that speed trap was, I drive past there multiple times a day, they're often there. I DO know that they pull people over, they don't have a camera (I've had police stand in front of my car to pull people over in the far lane). So if you weren't pulled over you should be right. The limit is 60 there, but it's so easy to go over. Good luck.

    PS - Yep, knowing your limits is a funny one. I knew I hit my limit when I was pulled over for running a red light. I hadn't slept in months and really shouldn't have been driving. It was an expensive, but necessary wake up call. xx

  6. What a strong woman to just pack up and go for the night. Would have done her the world of good. I usually exercise when I feel like that. Just going out for a run clears my head, gives me the space I need and helps me sleep deeply between the multiple wake-ups each night! I hope you didn't cop a fine (you might have learnt a wee lesson though huh?) x

  7. Good on your friend .... I close the door and put my Ipod on playing really loud so I cant hear all of the chaos. Always makes me feel better.


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