Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grateful for Daydreaming

It is not uncommon for me to daydream. I've always had a bit of the daydreamer in me. But this week my musings have been going into overdrive.

It started with a story I caught a glimpse of on the Today Show one morning this week. The weather reporter was presenting in Rome, showcasing some of the world famous tourist attractions. This particular morning she was standing in front of the Trevi Fountain. WOW. Instantly I was in a state of reverie. What a masterpiece. Everything about this historic monument, captivates me. And since seeing it for a split second on my screen, I have been daydreaming beautiful thoughts of visiting Rome. Not for a long time. But one day, I'd love to stand in front of the Trevi Fountain, with my boys and inhale it's magnificence.

The 2nd instalment to my head in the clouds state, came from a spur of the moment sticky beak at an open house showing, just down the road from our place. Are we in the market for a new home? No. Are we looking to sell our home? No. Can we afford an increase on our current mortgage, to purchase such a property? NO. This didn't stop me from popping in, having a little wander around AND falling in love with the house. So for a good 24 hours following, I envisioned every possible scenario on why we needed to put our house on the market and why we needed to buy this home. Then I dreamed about just. how. gorgeous. the house really is. Thankfully, my level headed husband always comes to the rescue when I go into this 'daydream' mode and gently reminds me of our reality. 

So this week, after the odd low point here and there, I am ever so grateful for daydreaming. It is free, so long as I don't act on it (yes, have to keep reminding myself of this). It fills my world with hope and possibilities. And it contributes to my goals, both short term and long term, which has to be a positive thing. Joining in with Maxabella and all the other grateful's to share the dreamy spirit. 


  1. Good for you! I have been lucky enough to see the Trevi fountain and I think you should plan immediately to make it a reality in your world. It IS magnificent! x

  2. I am a daydreamer from way back and it's actually gotten us to where we are today so I am always thankful for my daydreaming coming to fruition


  3. You are my daydreaming twin - I've had similar fantasies all week! Thank goodness for sensible husbands who bring us back to earth. I've been known to get grumpy if someone interrupts my daydreaming - say on a long car journey! And dreams absolutely CAN come true xx

  4. Hi Julie..keep dreaming and I am sure one day all your dreams will bear fruit...and you'll be saying one day I dreamed this would happen! Why not?

  5. A girls gotta dream julie! I love to dream and often get carried away myself.. but i'm with you.. they don't cost a thing! Hope you have a good week lovely! xx

  6. This is one of my places to go. I have seen pictures and would love to travel there with my husbands.

    To dream, if only for a moment is so worth it.


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