Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretty Packaging

During my big purge and tidy up yesterday, I came across something that gave me the warm and fuzzies. It's been almost a year since I looked at this box. And it is, just that. A box. But it's what is written on this box that I find so lovely. So appealing. SO true.

Oroton have wowed me for many years. I remember walking into an Oroton shop around the time I started at my first real job. Earning my first serious pay. Being mesmerised by the bags, wallets and accessories. Elegant and subtle. Exquisite colours and designs. I actually don't own many Oroton pieces. Though this beauty was a gift from a good friend & Mama herself, when I fell pregnant with Felix. It made me feel very special indeed, lugging Felix's newborn paraphernalia around in a snazzy black nappy bag. Way too flash for this Mama of 2 boys, but it's nice to feel flash once in a while. 

Back to the box. Quite possibly the loveliest, most unique, packaging I have seen. No big, bold, brassy pictures showing off the contents. For me, something far more eye catching. A delightful little babe and a heart warming quote. One that has stuck with me since the day I received this beautiful, thoughtful gift. Ah, the marketing team at Oroton most definitely know what they are doing.


  1. I wish I'd kept my box.

    My girlfriend gave me an Oroton nappy bag as a gift while I was still in hospital. I remember unpacking the bag in hospital and several midwives were ooohing and aaaahing over the box.

    I agree Oroton package their nappy bags very well. The quote is beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful quote, so true!
    And what a beautiful friend to give you such a lovely gift! xx

  3. Like you, I can get by without fancy pieces. But to receive a gift like this is very special: your friend must really treasure you.
    Love the quote.

  4. Very jealous of you being all fancy pants with your nappy bag. Perhaps I need to have another baby just to get a new nappy bag...

    I agree - perfect box - classic and classy - love that quote.

  5. I love this quote, how very clever to use it in their marketing strategy.

  6. love that quote! id keep the box too for some keepsake items x

  7. Sheer genius. And I bet the bag is pretty awesome too!

  8. Wow! That is top drawer! I had no idea Oroton did nappy bags..you must have felt so special..in an amazing way.

  9. What a perfect saying.
    I would have kept the box too :-)


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