Sunday, June 19, 2011

In the zone

There was an undeniable spring in my step today. The boys slept beautifully last night and I managed more hours than average myself. The sun shining, the sky crystal clear. I felt good. Determined to get amongst it all, I hit the training circuit early. I am exercising so infrequently at the moment, that when I do get a chance and feel as enthusiastic as I did today, I go for broke. And today, I achieved a personal best.

14 laps (or 7km) in soft sand, on magnificent Coogee Beach. My goal was to complete 8 laps. When I reached my target, I still had energy in reserve and alot more to give. I decided to push to 10 laps. Knowing this would force me to work through the dreaded pain barrier. After 10, I convinced myself a couple more couldn't hurt. Then on the dash to 12, I proposed if I could just make it to 14 laps, that would be 7km. Exactly half the distance of the City to Surf, of which I'm in some kind of haphazard training for. 7km. In soft sand. By the home stretch on lap 14, I began to feel physically ill. It was definitely time to pull up stumps. But I did it. I am pleased. Tired. Stiff. Sore. And probably going to regret that personal best for the next couple of days.

What a perfect Winter's afternoon for games in the park. Scott and I, although worn out from our independent training sessions, mustered enough energy to run both boys ragged. Kicking, tackling, throwing, chasing, rolling, crawling... and plenty of hysterical laughter. These moments are among the highlights of my weeks. Just the four of us. No restrictions. No time limits. No pressure. Nowhere to be. Yes, today I had a definite spring in my step and I made the most of every single stride.


  1. So great to hear that today had alot of bounce in it for you truly was a beautiful day wasnt it. And good skills on your run of laps thats awesome..I dont think I would even manage more than
    I really appreciated todays warm glow ..especially after being sick with the flu the sunshine was just what the doctor ordered..and its truly medicinal in making you feel HAPPY!

    Next question....why are we both still up at this hour? lol x

  2. What a fantastic day.
    It's just so fab when it all comes together, isn't it?!
    Nice work on thesand too. Ow!

  3. Wow - go you! It's amazing how hard it is to make ourselves exercise sometime, though when we do it makes us feel better than ever! Good on you :-)

    Looks like the boys had fun - I love wearing my kids out like that - early to bed!!!

  4. Well done you!!! How i miss sunshine. So jealous seeing those photos. Cold, grey and windy down here at the moment. Enjoy so blue and gold for me please :)

  5. Sounds perfect! Well done on the running too... I did a 10km mini marathon last week (with very little training) and didn't think I'd do it but somehow we did and it FELT SO GOOD! I love this time of year when it;s all about being outside and freeplay. I'm taking the girls to the wilds of Donegal on the west coast of Ireland for July - long lost days on wild beaches, wrapped in fleeces but not minding if the weather's crap. Perfect. Keep Springing!

  6. 'No time limits'... oh how I love those three words. I'm looking forward to the school holidays and no time limits. Well done on your 14 laps. That certainly is something to be pleased about! gxo

  7. Yay go you good thing that's awesome!!
    Sounds like you had a great afternoon too xx


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