Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We have been house bound since Sunday. Sunday! That is 3 whole days indoors. No wonder my head feels fuzzy. Angus has not been 100%. The weather has been abysmal. So on those counts, I haven't minded too much. We mostly find plenty of things to keep us occupied. Though once we have exhausted the puzzles, books, painting, drawing, play dough, memory games, blocks, cars and tupperware cupboard, I am forced to turn to a bit of audio visual entertainment. For peace and quiet, if nothing else.

Angus was not into television, at all, up until a couple of months ago. It was part of my stance when I had children, that they would not be glued to the box, all day, every day. Thankfully, he has never been interested anyway. When he turned 3, I felt content to let him watch a couple of shows, so long as they contained an educational flavour to them. So I tried him on various network and foxtel offerings. But nothing seemed to spark his interest. Until Toybox came along.

These days, I hail Toybox. The colourful characters and catchy tunes amuse my boy for the duration of the show... and more often than not, he pleads to watch another episode. Needless to say, I have a selection of Toybox stored in the planner, which has come in very handy, this week in particular. Seeing the delight on his little face as the scenes, songs and dances are played out, is worth every bit of Mama guilt I have for giving him square eyes.


  1. Is Toybox new? i havent heard of it, im sure Riley would love it too.. dont worry, a bit of tv doesnt hurt. especially on these miserable winter days! Hope Angus is feeling better too. xx

  2. The evil television!
    Have just written a post today about the 'idiot box' in our household today.
    It's one of those personal things isn't it?
    I hate seeing Magoo zone out in front of the screen but really like watching Playschool or a movie like 'Cars' together (in instalments!)
    Balance, I guess.
    3 days cooped up. Aaaargh!
    I wish you fresh air very soon.

  3. I am having terrible guilt trips about the TV usage at our place at the moment. It has reached flood proportions! I long for a break in the weather so we can have a break in the programming! x

  4. WE've had a terrible TV day. The worst ever. Besides a walk in the rain they've watched it almost all day on and off. My only excuse is they've had a really busy week.

    They do get bored of it though and run around. My eldest actually runs and skips on the spot while she watches too.

  5. I've never heard of toybox - pay tv?? We're all sick here atm - so there has been a bit of TV today. ABC kids has it's uses :)


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