Monday, June 27, 2011

Wall of art

The fascination with art and crafts continues in our house. Angus requests to paint and draw every. single. day. The latest flavour of the month is collage. We go through old magazines, Angus picks the pictures that take his fancy, then I cut them out and he sticks them into a scrapbook. Instead of cutting and pasting, he calls it 'chopping and sticking'. Which I think is pretty cute.

With all of these spectacular pieces and unique creations, I find it difficult to display every one of them on the fridge... which is the most practical place for them. So I was thrilled to find a clever little duvalaki (I think the official name might be art clips), designed for hanging precious bits of artwork. I'm very pleased I have a long, blank, white wall in my kitchen, which until now has looked particularly dull and bare. It is the perfect spot for an art wall, as I get to see Angus' cheery and colourful masterpieces all the time. Angus seems quite chuffed with the new arrangement himself. 

Today, we made two trips to different parks. In the morning, we played kicks, catches and frisbee throwing at Centennial Park. In the afternoon, we had a play date in our local park with friends, which meant 4 boys running amok. And they do run. amok. It's nice when the weather is as delightful as it's been this past week. Plenty of opportunity for outdoor fun... and of course, the standard indoor craft type of fun too!


  1. Oh, Julie, how gorgeous that Angus derives so much pleasure from creating. Miss India is like that, always wanting to do some 'crafting'. I find that enthusiasm contagious! J x

  2. What a great idea! we are doing lots of chopping and sticking here too.. they love it dont they?!
    Have a great week Julie! xx


  3. oh.. so nice post.)
    Love your blog.))

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  4. That's just fabulous.
    I want a duvalaki now. Will be keeping my eyes peeled so I can give the poor fridge a breather.
    The art is gorgeous too!

  5. Hahahaha - chopping and sticking - a much better name - what is pasting anyhow?!

    Love that duvalaki thingee majigee - I totally need one of those in my house too. Our 'artwork' progresses from the fridge, to the top of the fridge, to the land of never to be found again. I'm sure my girls would love to have it displayed.

    He looks so super proud - cute!

  6. Julie J he looks SO much like you in this shot! Great idea - my kitchen splashback is currently a wall of art and we are running out of space - FAST!

  7. Keep that creativity flowing! Great way to display his art!!!


  8. My kids would paint every day to given half a chance. We love glue and glitter in this house - I often find myself covered in glitter while walking the aisles of the supermarket!!
    Love kids that are creative

  9. My daughters just discovered painting too, our walls look similar to yours!

  10. Love those duvalakis, we have about 10 strewn across different rooms and they are all full... comes with a household of little crafty girls. gxo

  11. Oh yes I see what you mean, instead of thats going straight to the pool room, it's that's going straight to the duvalaki! Thanks for dropping by today, and I also saw your blog mentioned over at Life Love and Hiccups, how funny!


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